Oscars Predictions Battle: Tariq Khan vs. Tom O’Neil (Everybody, duck!) – Podcast

Last year Tariq Khan (Fox News) and I clashed ferociously over Oscars predictions. I won. Now Tariq is hellbent for revenge and a chance to redeem himself. Will he rally? Or will he be crushed again by my brilliant prognostication? Check out his predix here. Mine here. See them side by side.



Video: Chris Rosen (HuffPo) and Tom O’Neil duel over Oscars predix

Podcast: Thelma Adams (Yahoo) vs. Tom O’Neil


5 thoughts on “Oscars Predictions Battle: Tariq Khan vs. Tom O’Neil (Everybody, duck!) – Podcast

  1. Great podcast guys! Here is my take on the race

    I disagree with both you and Tariq as far as Best Actor. I think Redford and McConaughey are both in movies that won’t be very popular. DBC only has one other nomination in Leto, and All Is Lost might get sound editing. The race is between DiCaprio and Ejiofor and Ejiofor has the edge.

    Supporting Actor isn’t very tricky in my opinion. Leto will win and Fassbender is the alternate. Daniel Brühl and Barkhad Abdi will both get nominated but neither have a chance at winning. Bradley Cooper vs. Jonah Hill for 5th slot

    Supporting Actress is between Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o. As much as I hate to say it, Jennifer Lawrence not only can win but it seems like she has to win. If American Hustle is really an actor’s piece, It’ll need at least 1 acting oscar and IF Bradley Cooper gets nominated there is no way he’ll win. Also, even though Nyong’o has the seemingly stronger film, Lawrence has a more showy role (only judging from the trailer, but i’ll see the film tonight),

  2. @Luke, they’re not going to give Lawrence the Oscar so soon again no matter how much they like her in American Hustle, they’re just not. She’s not even 25 yet, already has one Oscar for Best Actress, and they’re going to give her another when so many actors don’t even have one yet? (And I say this as a Lawrence fan, not to mention it’s Lupita Nyongo who’s been sweeping most of this category in the pre-cursor awards). I just can’t see it. I’m sure they’ll find some reason to discount her (already people are saying she’s too young for the role, her accent was off, her performance was a lot like performance in SLP). It’s not happening. And as crazy as it sounds, I think Julia Roberts is the one everyone’s underestimating for this one. She’s getting raves for her performance in August OC and I can easily buy her getting her second Oscar before they give Lawrence a second one AND AOC is one of Harvey’s movies and being The Butler has been virtually ignored so far, I can see Harvey putting all his weight behind Julia and AOC. I don’t buy Oprah winning either – she has everything so is anyone dying to give her another Oscar at all?

  3. Redford , like Oprah are the two most over rated people this Oscar race ; neither of them will win , nor will Mconaughey since Leto will win instead….the race is between EJIOFOR and DiCaprio and since 12 YAS is clearly going to win B P then EJIOFOR is a pretty safe bet …..Nyongo will win supporting actress and then Mcqueen is very likely to win B D

  4. Good podcast, love it when these two get together. However, it’s never wise to bet on a picture/director split and Picture always takes precedent. That’s why I think that no matter how visually amazing Gravity may have been, McQueen still takes this.

  5. Tom always brought out Robards winning 2 years in a row as a case for Lawrence. Robards won supporting actors 2 years in a row. And there were not much competition in his years. There’s never been anyone winning 2 years in a row with the second one being the supporting. That’s a letdown for the person they purportedly love. If they love Lawrence so much, they can wait for her in another lead performance and give it to her then. And I agree w/ Riley, BP/BD splits happen rarely. It doesn’t happen even when most people predict it like King’s Speech/Social Network. It happened last year b/c Affleck was not nominated. Crash was the surprise BP winner. And Shakespeare and Chicago were products of the Weinsteins heavy push. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a 12/Cuaron combination. 12 is a very challenging experience.

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