Oscars podcast: Glenn Whipp (L.A. Times) on why he’s backing ’12 Years a Slave’

“I still don’t see a movie that’s come along that I can make a case for beating ‘12 Years a Slave,'” Glenn Whipp (L.A. Times) says in our podcast chat. “I think that movie has the combination of craft and importance that acadmey members are going to go with this year.”

As for “American Hustle,” he says, “You can make a strong case for it. People like it a lot. Some love it. It got a bit of a boost from New York Film Critics Circle giving it Best Picture. It has a little bit of heft to it. It’s about something .… It has a little bit of history in there – a lot like ‘Argo,’ you know? It’s fizzy. Great cast. A real favorite with the actors’ branch. Jennifer Lawrence is the one who’s really popping with everyone.”

As for “Gravity,” Whipp says, “I’m a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and we gave it Best Picture along with ‘Her’ and a lot of people like ‘Gravity’ a lot, but is it going to get a screenplay nomination?”

Tune in to hear us dish all top races and contenders. See Whipp’s latest predictions here. See mine here. Make your Oscar predictions below.




4 thoughts on “Oscars podcast: Glenn Whipp (L.A. Times) on why he’s backing ’12 Years a Slave’

  1. That’s what I’ve saying, the combination of the top notch acting, the excellent craft and most of all, the utter importance of the film, how can ANYONE pick any other film as BEST this year other than 12 Years? I mean really? Talk about an insult. Wolf of Wall Street? American Hustle? Argo was an embarrassment. I keep watching it on HBO and I still can’t figure out why it won other than it was flattering to Hollywood. The movie was droll. They had to invent action to make it exciting. I mean, come on critics. I’d like the producers of Wolf to explain why the TV commercials have been toned down lately to de-emphasize the obvious misogyny displayed in the earlier ones if you aren’t “glorifying excess”?

  2. @Peggy, Argo won for the sole reason that everyone felt sorry enough for Affleck’s snub to agree to give him the top prize.

    I still say Julia Roberts is winning BSA for August Osage County. She’s the one everyone’s loving in that movie and it’s a Weinstein movie. Enough said.

  3. Oh God, everyone’s got to get over the Anne Hathaway hate already. – As if Daniel Day Lewis speeches aren’t rehearsed and pre planned and much more pompous than her’s and no one says a word about him. (ps, I like both and if you win like every award for a performance, I think you should be prepared and I think if you get up there and act like you never saw it coming , it would be much more insulting)

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