Can anyone beat Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress at Oscars?

Anne Hathaway has been considered the frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar since she was featured singing “I Dreamed a Dream” in the trailer for “Les Miserables,” and her position only seems to have strengthened since, though critics have also singled out the performances of Amy Adams (“The Master”) and Sally Field (“Lincoln”). Is Hathaway unbeatable?

Anne Hathaway (“Les Miserables“)
Hathaway is the frontrunner to win with 11/8 odds. All 26 of our experts, all nine editors, and a whopping 97% of users expect her to prevail.

Though she did not win the most prestigious of the film critics’ groups — New York, Los Angeles, and the National Society — for playing doomed prostitute Fantine in the epic musical, she has achieved a clean sweep of the Critics’ Choice Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and BAFTA Awards, all strong predictors of Oscar.

This is her second Oscar nomination. She was previously nominated for Best Actress for “Rachel Getting Married” (2008).

Sally Field (“Lincoln“)
Field is in second place according to our predictors with 3/1 odds, based on support from 3% of users.

She plays Mary Todd Lincoln, the emotionally fragile wife of President Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg‘s biopic, for which she won awards from the New York Film Critics Circle and the Boston Society of Film Critics. She was also nominated at Critics’ Choice, SAG, BAFTA, and the Golden Globes, in each case bested by Anne Hathaway.

This is Field’s third Oscar nomination. She won both of her previous bids for Best Actress: for “Norma Rae” (1979) and “Places in the Heart” (1984).

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Helen Hunt (“The Sessions“)
Hunt ranks third with 6/1 odds. None of our experts or editors, and only three users out of more than 1,300 predict her to win.

As a sex surrogate counseling a man paralyzed from polio, she won a Special Jury Prize from the Sundance Film Festival for ensemble acting. She has since been nominated by Critics’ Choice, SAG, the Golden Globes, and BAFTA for her performance, and she also contends for a Film Independent Spirit Award.

This is her second Oscar nomination. She won her previous nomination: Best Actress for “As Good as it Gets” (1997).

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Amy Adams (“The Master“)
Adams ranks fourth with 13/2 odds. Five users believe she win will.

For playing the fanatical wife of a charismatic cult leader, Adams was a favorite of critics, winning prizes from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the National Society of Film Critics, as well as the Chicago Film Critics Association. She also received nominations from Critics’ Choice, the Golden Globes, and BAFTA, though she was overlooked by SAG.

This is her fourth Oscar nomination. She was previously nominated in this category for “Junebug” (2005), “Doubt” (2008), and “The Fighter” (2010).

Jacki Weaver (“Silver Linings Playbook“)
Weaver ranks last in our predictions with 10/1 odds. Three users predict she will win.

As the doting mother of a man with bipolar disorder, she has received no individual precursor nominations, though she earned a SAG bid for Best Ensemble.

This is her second Oscar nomination. She was previously nominated in this category for “Animal Kingdom” (2010).

5 thoughts on “Can anyone beat Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress at Oscars?

  1. Anne Hathaway was the runner-up winner with the LA Film Critics, National Society of Film Critics, and New York Film Critics Circle Awards, and she has won the most critic group awards. That counts for a lot

  2. Anne has turned off many a voter with her acceptance speeches and “Weapon of self doubt” bit. Amy Adams should win because she is overdue. If the Academy wants to stand out, which is what they are trying to do, members will vote not for the winners of the other telecast awards shows. What fun is it for the viewer to see the same person give the same speech over and over?

  3. Okay… If Ann loses the oscar, that will speak to the academy’s credibility. She’s unstoppable and I have no doubt in my mind that she will win. It’s her to loose at this point. Im sorry but I donot understand all of the love behind Sally’s performance. It sounded like she was reading directly from the script. Especially in that scene in the theater when she said “Woe unto you!”… 0_0. Hands down, Anny Hathaway deserves the Oscar.

  4. I like shocks. I’m pulling for Sally Field because she’ll give a great speech. Although if I hear Helen Hunt or Jacki Weaver for further shock value, I won’t be mad.

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