Does Paul Walker deserve an Oscar nomination for ‘Hours’?

“I don’t get it. This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Paul Walker gasps in “Hours,” a gritty indie film due to open in theaters just two weeks after a mystifying car crash that wasn’t supposed to happen either. In “Hours,” we see what a substantial actor Walker really was – something previously dwarfed by the roaring sports cars and sputtering gunfire in his “Fast and Furious” flicks.

In “Hours,” Walker portrays a father desperate to save his infant daughter soon after his wife dies in childbirth. The girl is hooked up to a respirator, which suddenly fails when Hurricane Katrina hits, zapping electricity. The only way Walker can keep the girl alive is by operating a hand pump that must be cranked every three minutes. Time is running out and there’s no help in sight.

Walker’s performance is quite impressive here. Do you think he deserves an Oscar? Or at least a nomination?

12 thoughts on “Does Paul Walker deserve an Oscar nomination for ‘Hours’?

    Does Paul Walker deserve an Oscar nomination for ‘Hours’? You know the Best Actor Race is FULL.

    Will Jennifer Lawrence be insulted by supporting Oscar for ‘American Hustle’?
    Why would this be an insult? Because you win best actress you shouldn’t do supporting roles?

    IT IS AN HONOR TO BE NOMINATED. Ask the thousands of actors who never even been nor will ever get a nomination.

  2. You ask the question,’Will Paul Walker get nominated for ‘Hours’?Think about how stupid of a question that sounds like and even more stupid for some like me to even reply about.

  3. The right question: if Paul Walker is alive, does his performance deserve a nomination? It’s an acting award.
    This article should have been about the great posthumous Oscar winners, notably Peter Finch, Heath Ledger…..”I’m as mad as hell….”

  4. Tom does, indeed, ask the stupidest questions. I enjoy this site only to see how the “pundits” do in their awards predictions. As a news site, it’s rubbish.

  5. I also found Tom’s question to be in bad taste.

    No one was talking about his performance having any likelihood of receiving critical citation, let alone an Oscar nomination, before his death. So to ask that question now is just to take advantage of the news story happening at the moment and to attract site visitors to want to access this superficial article.

    And realistically, outside of the “Fast” movies he was a ‘jobbing actor’ who was not that well known for his roles outside of the ‘Fast’ franchise and had never been on the radar for critical citation for any of his films.

    So the answer is No. Of course not.

  6. Yes. They will create the category for best dead actor. He will compete with James Gandolfini. Shirley McLane will present the category since she will connect with the other world using her medium skills.

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