Poll: Which Emmy underdog most deserves nominations?

Every year, a number of critics’ darlings and fan favorites fall through the cracks in the Emmy race. In the ever-expanding television landscape – now including countless cable channels and the internet – there are inevitably programs and performers the TV Academy misses, leaving disappointed awards-watchers to wail and gnash their teeth.

Our forum posters are discussing some of their favorite underdogs, whom they don’t expect to be nominated but deserve recognition. Read some of their comments below and click here to join the discussion. Then vote in our poll below to decide which of our posters’ favorite shows most deserves to be shown major Emmy love this year.

thesmartone: “Southland“!!! Deserves nominations for Outstanding Drama Series, Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Regina King) and 2 nominations for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Shawn Hatosy and Michael Cudlitz). If they don’t know why, go view either “Chaos” or the finale.

KT: Emmy Rossum NEEDS to be nominated, in what was the best season yet of “Shameless.” I also believe her work is in the top tier of female actresses on television.

Morgan_Henard: My faith in humanity and the world will peak if Laura Dern gets in Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for “Enlightened.”

SaraR: I also think the actors on “Happy Endings” are tremendous. Eliza Coupe has been off the charts this season and Elisha Cuthbert adds something new to the stereotypical dumb blonde role. I also love Casey Wilson.

iveriver: No love for “Treme“?

vinny: The entire cast of “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ALWAYS gets overlooked but Charlie Day deserves an Emmy the most out of all of them.

jacob121: Tatiana Maslany, “Orphan Black.” Is anyone else watching this show? I know it is beyond impossible for her to get a nomination but if somehow the voters actually watched the show, she would likely be a frontrunner to win considering their weakness for actors playing multiple characters.

emmyfan: I will also jump on the band wagon for RuPaul Charles because he does an amazing job as host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  He is sort of a counselor in a sense to some of the contestants.

8 thoughts on “Poll: Which Emmy underdog most deserves nominations?

  1. Surely the biggest underdog of them all is Hannibal, which has quietly been the best show of the year and is in danger of cancellation because no one’s watching.
    If Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t get a nomination, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong going on.

  2. I voted Orphan Black. Not many watch this show and it is technically “Sci-Fi” but Tatiana Maslany is beyond amazing playing so far 6 different characters. Sometimes playing against herself in the same scene. She does it so effortlessly and the characters are so distinct that it’s easy to forget that they are all played by the same actress. That’s what I call great acting.

  3. I need a 3-way vote between Treme, Southland, and Shameless. I would go for Southland for show, and Rossum and Macy for acting nominations. I think Treme needs some writing and directing nominations.

  4. I was just discussing this yesterday. Orphan Black is a terrific show and Tatiana Maslany should win every award there is! She blows me away with her performance. I forget it’s the same actress playing the multiple characters. She is amazing! The show itself is original, very well written and should also win multiple awards. Considering the crap that passes for entertainment, everyone should watch Orphan Black and see how good a show can be.

  5. Anyone who has ever watched Southland would be crazy not to vote for it. It’s as real as it gets. Rarely does a police drama invoke such a passionate (albeit small) following. The acting, direction, and cinematography are all superb! Please do not let the show end without finally giving it the recognition it has deserved for years!

  6. Southland is a fav. I see The Americans has been ignored. But it all doesn’t matter, Orphan Black is brilliant! Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris are superb. Awards for writing, directing, acting, hair & makeup, wardrobe, continuity and cinemaphotography should be thrown with wild abandon at Orphan Black. They certainly have worked hard and deserve the accolades!

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