3 thoughts on “Razzie poll: What was the worst, stupidest, most godawful movie of 2013?

  1. Why isn’t Magic Mike on the list? That was one of the dumbest and worst acted movies I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Showgirls wasn’t that bad but it got a bad rap. It should have won the Oscar for best picture compared to Magic Mike.

  2. I do part-time work online, so I when I am done working I spend time researching material related to my work. I have to see and understand how pop culture works (over the years of course). I reserve no logic. I reserve no self responsibility. I must say that Selena Gomez is a selective target of “hate” by the masses, which includes “critics” and “professionals” since we are human and everyone is prone to bias, prejudice, half truths, etc (specially those who can get away with it [actually most can]). Selena Gomez’ act in “Getaway” was nearly flawless. If the movie somehow had done VERY well at box office, we would have a different story from “critics”–at least to some degree. A “critic” named Adam Markovits, from EW magazine/tv, bashed “Spring Breakers” to the max, but somehow managed to praise Miley Cyrus’ video “We Can’t Stop.” This is part of how pop culture works, since M. Cyrus ia White/Anglo and Selena is not (most see Selena as only Mexican) and Mexicans are very much disliked in the USA. Mostly. Any intellectual and reasonable person can put the pieces together. There is an overall theme to this “hate” on S. Gomez, and that is the dumbing of the world and the masses jumping on that band wagon. Gomez did well in her role for the movie(s), but it doesn’t matter to the “Haters.” I know so many people love Jenn Lawrence and that’s well. But her role in Silverlinings was pretty much basic but because the masses find personal appeal in her she appears more talented than what…Professionals should see. Peace.

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