Will SAG TV Comedy winners repeat for third year in a row?

Alec Baldwin has yet to lose a SAG Award race for his performance as TV executive Jack Donaghy on NBC’s “30 Rock“; he has won Best Comedy Actor six years in a row and our users and editors give him best odds to win his seventh this year, but he’s not the only reigning SAG champ who could repeat. All of SAG’s TV comedy winners have been the same since 2010.

Modern Family” has won the Best Comedy Ensemble title for the last two years. The series recently lost its Golden Globe crown to HBO’s edgier “Girls,” which wasn’t nominated by SAG, but the ABC comedy has been hard to beat at industry awards, also winning multiple honors from the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, Writers Guild, and the Emmys, where it is undefeated for Best Comedy Series, winning three in a row. Our predictors currently give it 11 to 8 odds to three-peat at SAG as well.

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Betty White has won both of her two bids for Best Comedy Actress for “Hot in Cleveland.” The role also earned her a 2011 Emmy bid, which she lost to “Modern Family’s” Julie Bowen, but the veteran actress, who turned 91 this month, is beloved by her peers; in addition to her two Comedy Actress wins, she received SAG’s Life Achievement Award in 2009.

However, our racetrack odds predict a loss this year for White. She trails Amy Poehler, who is nominated for the first time for playing public servant Leslie Knope on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” It would be the actress’s first major honor for the series. She has been nominated twice by the Golden Globes and the Television Critics Association and three times for acting by the Emmys, without a win. She has several other nominations at various awards for writing and producing, but has yet to take her turn in the winner’s circle.

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To win this time around she’ll have to overtake Hollywood’s busiest nonagenarian. Can she pull it off, or will SAG’s comedy champs repeat yet again?

3 thoughts on “Will SAG TV Comedy winners repeat for third year in a row?

  1. I hope that someone other than Alec Baldwin wins for a change; the category is weak this year, but so is 30 Rock. And Jim Parsons has never won a SAG, which seems criminal.

    In the ladies’ category, I love Betty White and always want to see her win, even if her material really doesn’t make her worthy this year (Wendie Malick, however, is a hoot!). But Parks & Rec just isn’t that funny to me, and there’s a reason why Amy Poehler has yet to win an award for it, just as the more deserving Steve Carell went Emmy-less for The Office (and even he won a Globe and a SAG Ensemble award). Meanwhile, Tina Fey is past her prime on 30 Rock, Sofia Vergara is not the most deserving actress from Modern Family, and Edie Falco isn’t happening, so Betty FTW!

  2. I’m a huge 30 Rock and Parks & Rec fan. So wins by Baldwin and Poehler would be very welcome in my mind. I enjoy Modern Family a lot as well, and I do believe the are deserving of another Ensemble win. In truth though, the best comedy series on television is Louie. So to see Louis C.K. rewarded in the Male Actor category would be a pleasant surprise.

  3. I concur with Zach. #teambetty. But if Baldwin wins again, I’m okay with that. If it goes to Jim Parsons, I’m okay with that as well.

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