‘Argo’ wins top SAG Award for film; ‘Lincoln’ wins two

Argo” was the surprise winner at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, winning Best Film Ensemble in an upset victory against “Lincoln,” “Les Miserables,” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” was also nominated. “Argo” has been well-liked by the industry thus far, this weekend also winning the Producers Guild Award for Best Picture.

(Read TV report here and see complete list of TV and film winners here.)

Meanwhile, “Lincoln” won two of its three individual acting bids: Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis and Best Supporting Actor for Tommy Lee Jones.

Les Miserables” won one of its four. Though it didn’t claim Best Ensemble, Best Stunt Ensemble, or Best Actor (Hugh Jackman), Anne Hathaway continued her Best Supporting Actress winning streak for her role as Fantine in Tom Hooper‘s musical.

“Silver Linings” also won one of its four bids: Best Actress for Jennifer Lawrence, while “Skyfall” won the Stunt Ensemble award, presented before the telecast.

The SAG Awards have become a reliable barometer of Academy tastes since their inception in 1994. Likely due to the overlap of members between SAG and the Academy — the actors’ branch is the Academy’s largest — nominees and winners at the SAG Awards often predict the Oscars. Last year, of the 20 Oscar nominees for acting, 17 were nominated by SAG, and in the last five years, only four individual SAG winners failed to repeat at the Oscars.

SAG and Oscar overlap less when it comes to their top races. SAG honors a film’s ensemble cast, and only eight of its 18 winners have won the Oscar for Best Picture, though SAG did foreshadow upset wins by “Shakespeare in Love” and “Crash.”

6 thoughts on “‘Argo’ wins top SAG Award for film; ‘Lincoln’ wins two

  1. The guilds can rail all they want about Argo, but history says that only makes the Academy turn its back on Argo. It CANNOT win Best Picture; it’ll be lucky to win Film Editing.

  2. I still don’t believe Best Actress is a lock. Chastain took the Critics’ Choice while Lawrence went home with the SAG. While it seems like Lawrence has the better odds now, if the Academy is divided enough between the two of them, Emmanuelle Riva can still end up being the perfect third choice. But I guess chances for that might got a bit slimmer. With this win it does seem that Lawrence secured her frontrunner status.

  3. “[Argo] CANNOT win Best Picture.” Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture so anything is possible. It’s still very up in the air but I think it definitely has a shot. And I agree the acting races are pretty done. Idk if Chastain or JLaw will win but I seriously want it to be JLaw.

  4. Argo winning is not a surprise considering it has been winning awards right and left since Ben Affleck was snubbed for the Oscar. It is a sure lock for Best Picture – Voters are rallying around it since he was snubbed for Best Director

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