Oscars rematch: Round 2 for Sandra Bullock (‘Gravity’) vs. Meryl Streep (‘August: Osage County’)

Ding, ding!

The Oscar rematch we’ve been waiting for is upon us: the formidable Sandra Bullock (“Gravity“) hopes to once again take out veteran Meryl Streep (“August: Osage County“) in this year’s highly competitive Best Actress race.

These movie queens first duked it out in 2009, with Bullock scoring the ultimate Oscar knockout for “The Blind Side” over Streep’s tasty turn in “Julie & Julia.” The battle leading up to that year’s stand-off at the Academy Awards was one for the record books.

The Screen Actors Guild nominated both with Bullock winning for her role as real-life do-gooder Leigh Anne Tuohy. Meanwhile, Streep’s performance as Julia Child in “Julie & Julia” won many of the film critics kudos, including those from New York, Phoenix, Boston and San Francisco.

While the Golden Globes found a way to honor both leading ladies — Streep as Best Comedy Actress and Bullock for Best Drama Actress — the Broadcast Film Critics couldn’t decide between them and wound up rewarding both as Best Actress in a rare tie. At the podium, Streep and Bullock engaged in a lip-smacking smooch that sent fanboys swooning.

This year, the gloves are back on as Bullock and Streep are in contention for Best Actress and have a real shot at the prize according to Gold Derby’s polling of experts, editors and users.

As an astronaut stranded in space struggling to survive, Bullock gives an understated and subtle performance in the blockbuster “Gravity.” She comes in second place in our rankings with odds of 4 to 1.

Streep is already reaping accolades as the pill-popping matriarch who screams and throws plates in the screen adaptation of the Pulitzer and Tony-winning play “August: Osage County.” She currently sits in fourth place with odds of 8 to 1.

Far out in front is Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine“) with odds of 17 to 10. Third place goes to Judi Dench (“Philomena“) at 13 to 2 while Amy Adams (“American Hustle“) just makes the cut with odds of 16 to 1.

Will this year’s Best Actress race turn out to be another nail-biter between old rivals Bullock and Streep, or is this Blanchett’s to lose?

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4 thoughts on “Oscars rematch: Round 2 for Sandra Bullock (‘Gravity’) vs. Meryl Streep (‘August: Osage County’)

  1. This isn’t a Bullock vs Meryl race. Streep is out of the running. She’s not winning this year.
    2013 is Blanchett vs Bullock. And as much as I adored Blanchett’s performance in Blue Jasmine, I think AMPAS will take more to Bullock’s likable character (I’m not criticizing the movie for that, btw). On the other hand, few performances rarely in VFX-driven films ever get nominated much less win. Bullock is a lock for a nomination but I wonder if that might keep her away from the win.

  2. Let’s face it, Bullock is out of the running as well. The Academy is still smarting from her win several years ago for The Blind Side, which is still inexplicable. Her performance in Gravity is much more deserving of Oscar. All that aside, nobody is going to prevent Cate Blanchett from winning this year. Best Actress 2013 is a done deal, Cate Blachett for Blue Jasmine.

  3. Katherine Hepburn’s record of 4 Oscars cannot be allowed to stand while Meryl Streep is alive. There is NO actress more talented than Streep. Sixteen Oscars snubs must be rectified.

  4. What planet are you people on? There are thousands of other actresses who could of done better than Sandra Bullock. This is a joke right. When she doesn’t screw up a movie it’s considered oscar worthy. What a joke. Cate Blanchett all the way!!!!!!!

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