See how you did predicting the ACM Awards winners

Congratulations to our site User jcar, who earned a mediocre 55% predicting the Academy of Country Music awards winners. In fact, she tied with Max, kyouhtae, ETphonehome, King Jay, Final2, and RichardR with 55% scores, but is crowned the winner for using her 500 and 200 point bets wisely for the best point score of 14,771.

Over 150 Gold Derby readers forecasted this year’s ACM champs, logging over 1,600 predictions. To see how you fared, log in to your account and under your profile picture click ACM Awards 2014.

Click here for a breakdown of all top scorers. To see how we fared predicting each category, click here.

It was a very difficult year for predictions, with voters crowning unexpected choices through many of the categories. The toughest were Entertainer of the Year (George Strait) with 1%, Male Vocalist (Jason Aldean) with 1%, Vocal Event (Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert) with 2%, New Artist (Justin Moore) with 5%, and Record of the Year (Lambert) with 5%. The only fairly easy category to pick was Vocal Duo (Florida Georgia Line) with 82%.

The Editors proved to have a lot of trouble predicting as well. Daniel Montgomery finished first with just 37%. Then David Schnelwar and myself were at 28% correct. Rob Licuria, Marcus Dixon, and Matt Noble only earned 10% accuracy.

The only Expert to take part was Gold Derby’s own Paul Sheehan, who finished with two categories correct for an 18% score.

Collectively, the Users were best overall with 25%, followed by the Editors with 20%.

7 thoughts on “See how you did predicting the ACM Awards winners

  1. I may be mistaken but i don’t think the score points for ACM awards were calculated correctly. I locked everything in at 100 – 1 odds. For example i had George Strait at 100- 1 with 100 points bet but got only 100 points in that category. Shouldn’t i get 10,000 points instead of 100. I tried posting this on the comment section of you talk but i don’t know how often that is looked at. Again maybe i’m wrong. Thanks

  2. I put my 500 point bet on George Strait winning which earned my 12500 of my 14771 (though my prediction thing says 16471.26) and my 200’s on Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore.

  3. Jessica you had 25 to 1 odds on Strait with 500 points bet which got you 12,500 right. I had 100 to 1 odds with 100 points bet and got 100. maybe i’m wrong shouldn’t i have 10,000. 100x 100= 10,000. i doesn’t look like it is calculating it right

  4. I’m confused as to how your adds are different, the other names I clicked on also say 25 to 1 for George Strait, yours is the only one with 100 to 1. Do the odds change based on when you make your picks? I did mine Sunday.

  5. I locked in everything early at 100 to 1 odds. If your one of first to place your bets when the predictions begin you can do this. The odds for someone or something can change depending on when you make your picks

  6. Jessica look at user dwb585. He had a huge score and he locked things in at 50 to one odds. He must have placed his bets early. The 50 to one odds gave him a huge score. but shouldn’t 100 to one odds result in a bigger score than 50 to one

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