‘American Horror Story: Coven’ — Which witches will be Emmy bitches?

American Horror Story: Coven” completed its 13-episode run Wednesday night on FX to generally positive acclaim from Gold Derby’s feisty forum posters. Read their praises and complaints of the finale here.

Now we want to hear from YOU. Which cast member from the third season of the anthology series has the best chance at winning an Emmy award? (Vote in our poll below!)

Oscar legend Jessica Lange led the impressive cast that also included fellow Oscar winner Kathy Bates, Oscar nominees Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe, Tony victors Patti LuPone and Denis O’Hare, Golden Globe champ Frances Conroy, Emmy nominee Sarah Paulson, real-life engaged couple Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, and scene-stealers Taissa Farmiga and Lily Rabe.

By competing in the movie/miniseries races instead of the drama categories, the “American Horror Story” franchise has much less competition, which is part of the reason why both of the first two cycles received 17 Emmy nominations, many in the Creative Arts technical categories. “Coven” should be no exception, with special craft attention this season made on the witches’ costumes, magical visual effects, Paulson’s eye makeup and Conroy’s out-of-this-world hairstyling.

While the first two seasons of “American Horror Story” were burned at the stake by critics (“Murder House” nabbed a 62 at Metacritic; “Asylum” garnered a 64 at Metacritic), “Coven” bewitched journalists and fans alike and received a series-high Metacritic score of 71.

Could that extra bit of love help “Coven” cast a spell at the Emmys and nab even more nominations and wins than its predecessors?

Both iterations won two Emmys: “Murder House” prevailed for Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actress for Jessica Lange and Best Movie/Mini Hairstyling, while last year’s “Asylum” scored Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actor for James Cromwell and Best Movie/Mini Sound Editing.

If “Coven” continues the same pattern, we might see another acting win from the third season on Emmy night Monday, August 25 … but which performer has the best shot?

3 thoughts on “‘American Horror Story: Coven’ — Which witches will be Emmy bitches?

  1. It boggles my mind that this season has the highest reviews. It was a thematic mess, and its finale had zero payoff. It had moments, but certainly no where near the tighter storytelling of Murder House or the acting showcase of Asylum. But anyway, in terms of acting on Coven, I hope they push for Bassett. She was mesmerizing and stole every scene the moment she stepped into frame. Lily Rabe as usual, gives a beautiful lived-in performance. But since she didnt get a big dramatic monologue or crying scene (aka Emmy catnip) she is likely to get passed over yet again.

  2. I think Kathy Bates has the best chance for a win, not just nomination, just for the way she says “Borquita”. This was by far the funniest in the AHS trilogy, but I’d rank it last in terms of quality. It lost steam toward the end. I think after they killed off Nan, it went astray and way too many “oh, you’re not dead” comebacks. It was surprising to see Evan Peters not really given much to do. I think “Asylum” is by far the scariest and best so far. One critic said that “Asylum” would be one of Ryan Murphy’s signature pieces and I agree.

  3. I think it was by FAR the worst season, although I still liked it. But if it couldn’t win before, I don’t see it winning now. Of course Lange, Bates and Bassett were all stellar, but the one who lit up the screen for me every time she was on was Gabourey Sidebe.

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