‘American Idol’ poll: Make your predictions — Who’ll win?

On “American Idol” last week, Jennifer Lopez gasped to Jena Irene after her performance of “Decode,” “I don’t know what you were doing in the bottom three last week! You have one of the best voices here. America, please get on board with this! This girl is the real thing!”

Just when it seemed as if she had given the can’t-top-this performance of the night, Malaya Watson blasted the roof off the joint with “I Am Changing,” causing JLo and Keith Urban to jump to their feet again — just as they had for Irene minutes earlier.

Bingo: Another low-ranking contestant suddenly pulled off a miraculous turn-around this crazy “American Idol” season.

Early on during this competition, Gold Derby’s users were betting on Sam Woolf to prevail at season’s end, but now Caleb Johnson is out front with 13/10 odds. Or is he really?

Give us your vote below. Then log into Gold Derby here (use your Facebook account – it’s easy) and make your predictions now and throughout “American Idol” season. Compete against your friends and other “Idol” fans. Win prizes.

7 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ poll: Make your predictions — Who’ll win?

  1. lopez has no real talent she is not jennifer hudson,fantasia or carrie underwood and do not have the talent to judge

  2. Hey smcbride..when anyone says NO real talent and NO judges talent, they are ALWAYS wrong. You are ALWAYS wrong to paint EVERYONE with the same brush.

  3. Caleb needs to do a Meat loaf song, two out of 3 aint bad or Bat out of Hell , PLEASE

    Caleb needs to do a Meatloaf song, Bat out of hell or Two out of 3 aint bad plesae

  4. Go watch the damn Voice then, why take time sayingyou don’t like American Idol. Everyone to their own opinion. Personally, I don’t like the Voice, singing to the back of a chair. Blake I love him musically, but not as a judge, he tries too hard. I like Keith Urban a lot, he used to be on The Voice Australia. By the way, Keith and Keith are good friends so no one is going to put a wedge between them.

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