Your brutally honest ‘American Idol’ prediction: Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson?

American Idol” pundits breathlessly proclaim that the matchup is thisclose between blushing thrush Jena Irene and howling headbanger Caleb Johnson, but is that really true?

Check out the result of the “American Idolpoll we ran yesterday before the dueling songmasters faced off on stage: 64% of respondents say Jena Irene will triumph, leaving Caleb banging his bruised noggin against a wall, saying, “Hey, where are all the supporters people say I have?”

Good question, Caleb. We think there’s a difference between the raging pundits of the blogosphere (young males who rock out on air guitars) and the sweet 16 girls who do the actual voting. Yes, often those lasses pick guys with real guitars on stage, but those tend to be trim males of chiseled jaw and heartthrob swagger.

But we – and our poll – could be wrong, of course. Now it is time for you to make your prediction and compete against other Gold Derby users in our contest. Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. Click through the photo box in this article.

Click here to check out our latest racetrack odds: Jena at 1/3, Caleb at 3/1. Now peek through our leaderboards to see how our users have scored week to week.

One thought on “Your brutally honest ‘American Idol’ prediction: Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson?

  1. What isn’t mentioned amidst all this Jena worship–never mind her tinny vibrato and facial expressions that look like she’s smelling, well you know–is the plain fact that Caleb doesn’t need to win this competition. His career has been launched in a big way and like other non-winners who leapt to stardom, he will have the last laugh.

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