‘American Idol’ poll: Can beauty (Jena Irene) crush that beast (Caleb Johnson)?

American Idol” really looks like a terrifying smackdown: Beauty vs. the Beast. According to Gold Derby’s exclusive racetrack odds based upon your predictions, beauty will, hallelujah, prevail. Jena Irene has the best odds (1/1) to triumph, but that beastly, screaming, angry hulk, Caleb Johnson is a serious threat with 8-to-5 odds.

See our full odds breakdown here and please add your predictions here so we can count your opinion in our official odds. Whoever has the best predictions will win $100 Amazon Gift Certificate plus tickets to an “American Idol” live performance next year.

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But what about that quirky wild card Alex Preston? We only give him 17-to-2 odds to take the title, but he’s got best odds to get booted out tonight. Do you agree? Vote in our poll below.

3 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ poll: Can beauty (Jena Irene) crush that beast (Caleb Johnson)?

  1. Jena Irene is annoying and overrated. Caleb is a total professional and they want the hot girl to win over him by blowing the Twitter controversy out of proportion and by him coincidentally getting a throat illness on that very night. His last performance was a major “screw you” to that if the whole thing was a fix, but I hate how Idol is “rigging” the contest, or so it seems to be by how Caleb and Alex’s performances were small and subtle compared to the obvious and bombastic performances of Jena. I hope she goes home, then I would laugh so hard.

  2. If they were going on appearances (beauty & the beast) then they should have kicked Jena to the curb an left jessica in the running. I can’t stand Jena she’s annoying an fake, a wrinkle nosed attention seeker. I don’t believe she has a true passion for singing, she just want to be center of attention radiated with publicity. Caleb has passion an singing comes from his heart he’s real about it. I believe he should walk away undoubtedly with the title of American idol 2014.

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