‘American Idol’ mystery: Did Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. secretly hate MK Nobilette?

It’s bad enough “American Idol” judges axed MK Nobilette, but Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez were rudely unfair during her final plea for a stay of execution.

Isn’t “American Idol‘s” “Sing for a Save” segment supposed to be the condemned contestants’ chance to get the judges to reconsider their talents one last time and, eureka, perhaps get them to come to their senses and offer rescue?

Of course. So why did Urban and Connick mostly ignore MK Nobilette’s performance of “All of Me” while they huddled and whispered cattily? JLo joined their private powwow, too, yes, but at least she listened to part of the performance and even seemed to choke back a tear or two as the “Idol” hatchet hovered over MK’s slight neck.

“It has to be unanimous and it’s not unanimous,” Connick said coldly as he proclaimed their decision to dash MK’s “Idol” dreams forever. Apparent subtext: Connick and Urban wanted her snuffed, but softie JLo thought she should be given one more chance.

Have Connick and Urban forgotten what happened when the judges dispensed mercy earlier this TV season? They rescued Jena Irene and now it looks, egads, like she might actually win. Right now Irene is tied with Sam Woolf for second-best odds (2 to 1) to prevail, right behind Caleb Johnson (1/1). See more odds here.

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5 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ mystery: Did Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. secretly hate MK Nobilette?

  1. They weren’t ignoring her and whispering cattily — they always do that because that’s when they “decide” (supposedly) whether to axe someone or not. Since it has to be unanimous, they all have to agree. I think it seemed clear that J-Lo and Keith were willing to save MK but Harry wasn’t and honestly, MK hadn’t given a good performance all season and she was always in the Bottom 3. Saving her would have been a waste.

  2. I honestly don’t get why people wanted her to be saved. She had a good voice and seems a really lovely person, but had zero stage presence and no performance at all, it was her third time at the bottom, if they saved her this week she would most likely be gone the week after

  3. Tom, you must know that all the “decision-making” while the contestants sings is just a show, right? They already know beforehand if they’re going to save someone. They’re only saving the save card for a real contender who might have slipped during a week. They would save someone like Alex, Caleb, Jena — not someone who’s constantly been in the B3.

  4. The judges complimented MK last week when she showed up with the blonde hair dabbed with red and had ditched the backward ball cap. She should have taken the compliment seriously instead of snubbing the judge and returning to the same look this week. The backward ball cap look is not a style that fits anyone other than a young rapper and MK looked the same every time she appeared on stage but once and she was a told then she looked terrific.

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