‘American Idol’ Top 10 predictions: Is M.K. Nobilette [finally] going home?

Has M.K. Nobilette‘s luck finally run out on “American Idol“?

According to our racetrack odds, M.K. has sung her last solo on the Fox competition series. The 20-year-old San Francisco native has the best odds for who will receive the lowest number of America’s votes, giving her 2/3 odds of going home.

M.K. failed to impress the judges during Top 10 week by skipping some of the lyrics and not emotionally connecting during her performance of “Perfect” by Pink. (Watch her performance below.)

She was previously in the bottom three during Top 13 week and Top 12 week, so her impending elimination from the show has been a long time coming.

According to our predictions, joining M.K. in this week’s bottom three will be Alex Preston with 7/2 odds and Dexter Roberts with 11/2 odds.

Alex is a bit of a surprise here considering his performance of “Story of My Life” by One Direction blew the judges away. Dexter, on the other hand, may very well find himself sitting on one of Ryan Seacrest‘s metal stools thanks to his disappointing take on “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line.

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C.J. Harris, who sang Hunter Hayes’ “Invisible,” is in fourth place to get the boot with 8/1 odds, while fifth place goes to Jessica Meuse with 11/1 odds for her take on Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.”

To help influence our odds, simply log in to your account, click on the “American Idol” button and answer our weekly questions — including who will be voted out and who will ultimately win Season 13. The user with the highest contest score at season’s end will win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Do you agree that M.K., Alex and Dexter are all in danger of going home this week? Sound off in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ Top 10 predictions: Is M.K. Nobilette [finally] going home?

  1. There is no way Alex is going to be in the bottom three sorry but you got that prediction wrong. Alex did an excellent job last night and the voters know it too. Bottom three predictions is either MK, Majesty, and CJ or MK, CJ, and Dexter. I mean come on would voters really put Alex in the bottom three if his performance was amazing? I’m sure that the voters agreed with the judges. Alex would never ever be in the bottom.

  2. I would buy her CD’s right now. The fake f-ing judges were jealous of her ability and demanded unreasonable things — like for her to become an extrovert onstage when she does better just singing. The music industry has become a circus….if you don’t do LAME, FILTHY TRASH PRODUCTIONS like the SH*T you saw Jennifer Lopez do tonight { WTF WAS THAT ???? }, then most people with their attention span of a gnat won’t like it.

    BACK IN THE DAY, when things were more real and human, MK would have been accepted as a shy singer. The f-ing judges let others like Alex just stand there and sing, but they bullied MK into trying to walk around and act out onstage “you don’t connect with people”. And it screwed things up for her and then they never liked the way she did it. They set her up to fail.
    Did Bob Dylan ever jump around onstage and act like a ninny ? No, he f-ing SANG and ignored the audience pretty much. Other singers did and still do…..but the Idol show really set MK up by focusing on her shyness.

    F-YOU, IDOL JUDGES !!!! F- YOU !!!!!!!!

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