‘American Idol’ Top 8 predictions: Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson battle for the win!

The “American Idol” battle is officially on!

On the left we have Alex Preston, who’s topped our “American Idol” prediction charts the last two weeks in a row for who you think will win Season 13. Alex has 13/8 odds to win.

And on the right there’s Caleb Johnson, who was your pick to win during Top 10 week and is now holding steady in second place just behind Alex. Caleb has 23/10 odds to win.

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Alex and Caleb are so popular with America that neither singer has been in the bottom three yet. (Neither has Jessica Meuse.)

This bodes well for their ultimate chance to win, as none of the previous 12 winners of “American Idol” were ever in the bottom three prior to Top 7 week.

This essentially means that anybody who’s been in the bottom so far is out — sorry Jena Irene, Malaya Watson, Sam Woolf, Dexter Roberts and C.J. Harris!

This weekend, I chatted with Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil on all things “Idol,” including who we think will win and who we want to win. (Watch the video below)

Tom thinks the winner will be Alex or Caleb, but he wants Jena to win, proclaiming “I’m on your side, baby!”

I think the winner will be Caleb, but I’m personally rooting for Alex. As I mention in the slugfest, Alex’s “Story of My Life” cover is “the only song this season that I rewound and watched again.”

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3 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ Top 8 predictions: Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson battle for the win!

  1. Never been bottom three doesn’t mean a winner. The vote is based on the performance the night before. The persons who have “never been bottom three” were never top 1 and top 2 at every week too…

  2. The reason Majesty went home, in my opinion, is her fans started to abandon her when she was being overly confident. A couple weeks in a row she was a bit cute and cocky about her abilities. The American Idol is always a humble person.

  3. Your theory about “if you’re in the bottom 3 you can’t win” is absolutely ludicrous. 8 times out of 12 is not a significant majority. Remember, the American Idol winner is always a humble person. White guy with guitar, or Female Power Voice. I called Jena Irene and Caleb in the finals 2 weeks ago. Jena could win. She has the very same momentum that Jordin Sparks had in season 6. This year there is no clear White Guy with Guitar..except Alex, but I don’t see him in the finals. I like his voice, but he’s a bit quirky to be the American Idol. I think this leaves room for Jena and Caleb to sneak into the Finals. And Jena will win it all. Final answer.

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