‘American Idol’ Top 5: Caleb Johnson predicted to be first rock winner in six years

With only five contestants remaining during Season 13 of “American Idol,” our predictions center is heating up with people casting their votes for who they think will win. (Make your own predictions by clicking here.)

As of the current Top 5 Week, your pick to win the “Idol” crown is Caleb Johnson who has leading odds of 5/4. If Johnson secures America’s vote, he’ll be the first rock star “Idol” winner since way back in Season 7 when David Cook claimed victory.

American Idol’ odds: Winner will be Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene or Alex Preston

Let’s take a look at the odds of winning for each of the remaining five contestants:

Caleb Johnson (odds of 5/4) – The male frontrunner has been in first place to win three times, during Top 10 Week, Top 8 Week (Part 2) and most recently Top 7 Week. He has never appeared in America’s bottom two or three. Caleb is 22 years old from Asheville, NC.

Jena Irene (odds of 3/2) – The rocker chick has topped our charts twice now, during Top 8 Week (Part 1) and Top 6 Week. She’s appeared in America’s bottom three only once, way back in Top 12 Week. Jena is 17 years old from Farmington Hills, MI.

Alex Preston (odds of 6/1) – The self-proclaimed “awkward” singer was your pick to win just once, during Top 9 Week. Like Caleb, he has never appeared in America’s bottom two or three. Alex is 20 years old from Mont Vernon, NH.

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Sam Woolf (odds of 16/1) – The former frontrunner received top billing on our charts for the first three live weeks of the season: Top 13 Week, Top 12 Week, Top 11 Week. He was in America’s bottom three a trio of times and would have been eliminated during Top 8 Week if not for the Judges’ Save. Sam is 17 years old from Bradenton, FL.

Jessica Meuse (odds of 33/1) – The dark horse singer hasn’t yet appeared in the #1 position of any of our winner’s charts — is it because she’s too boring? She’s been in America’s bottom three two times, during Top 7 Week and Top 6 Week. Jessica is 23 years old from Slapout, AL.

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To cast your votes for who will win and who’ll be voted out next, simply log into your predictions, click on the “American Idol” button and answer our weekly questions. Or you can vote now by scrolling down to the TV Derby Predictions menu at the bottom of this post.

The winner of our “American Idol” contest at season’s end will earn a $100 Amazon gift card and two tickets to a live taping of one of next season’s episodes. So what are you waiting for? Start voting now!

Below, watch ousted soul singer C.J. Harris chat with Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil after his elimination last week.

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5 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ Top 5: Caleb Johnson predicted to be first rock winner in six years

  1. It will be Jena and Caleb in the top two. Not because they are the best technically but because they are the best total package as performers. Jessica and Alex are amazing vocally with Alex over Jessica for his artistry. Both Alex and Jessica struggle on stage. Sam Woolf you are the weakest link. Sam, unlike Jena shows his age in his lack of stage presence, his lack of originality, and his lack of artistry. I was and will remain shocked that the judges used their save on Sam he has really lacked stage presence from the beginning and has not grown much in that area.

  2. u guys crazy. Sam & Alex should of been gone long ago. Ive been watching idol since the first eposide. they r NOT idol material. by NO means. Celab & Jenna rock!! One of the is going to win.

  3. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!! Not only is he this year’s American Idol, but Caleb Johnson is the next huge thing to the music world. Do not fall behind, be up front and ahead of everyone to know that. I am telling you this because there is no way around it. I belong to a Think Tank and the only question we have is will American Idol truly be prepared and ready to handle with matching electricity Caleb winning. Watch, bring your family and friends, and their friends, watch this unfold on American Idol. It is going to be huge!

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