‘American Idol’ finale: Caleb Johnson vs. Jena Irene – Did America get it wrong?

At long last, the “American Idol” results are in and America has spoken: The winner of Season 13 is rocker Caleb Johnson.

But did America get it wrong? According to Gold Derby’s exclusive predictions, poor Jena Irene was robbed!

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For the past two weeks in a row, Jena topped our leaderboards for who would win “American Idol,” while Caleb placed second. Even Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil was confident that Jena would triumph and Caleb would be crushed.

So what exactly happened?

The simple answer is that our oddsmakers forgot their “Idol” history.

‘American Idol’ poll: Can beauty (Jena Irene) crush that beast (Caleb Johnson)?

Earlier this week I gave four rockin’ reasons why Caleb would win based on what we’ve gleaned from the first dozen years of “American Idol” in regards to trends, voting habits and statistics. By taking all emotion out of the equation and simply laying things out line for line, I was able to correctly predict Caleb’s upset win.

In brief, I knew Caleb would prevail because he’d never been in America’s bottom three (Jena had), “Idol” voters preferred guys over girls (only five female winners in 13 seasons), Caleb is older than Jena (the majority of winners are older than their runner-ups) and his Top 3 Week performance of “Dazed and Confused” melted Jennifer Lopez (and by association America).

Truth be told, I was actually rooting for Jena to claim victory as I mentioned in our “American Idol” slugfest last month. But it was Caleb who ticked all the right boxes and wound up being the first rock winner since Season 7’s David Cook.

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Do you agree with America’s decision? Did Caleb deserve to win, or was Jena robbed? Sound off in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Below, watch Gold Derby’s interview with recent cast-off Alex Preston in which he admits he didn’t think he would make it to the Top 3.

4 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ finale: Caleb Johnson vs. Jena Irene – Did America get it wrong?

  1. Yes, another embarrassing Idol win — just like that talentless hack like Taylor Hicks who somehow acquired a high cool factor during the show even though he couldn’t sing. Watch Jena rocket to the top of the charts FAST … and stay there.

  2. I think America got it right. Caleb was my favorite from the beginning. I think he will go on to have the same type of success as Chris Daughtrey. I think the top 2 were amazing but I found Jena inconsistent and very difficult to understand.

  3. Just like the class clown gets voted King at the High School Homecoming, Caleb ‘s effervescent, smily, kidding around nature likely got him the popularity votes over Jena. Unfortunately for him, he will be forgotten (agreed, just like Taylor Hicks) in a short time. He may have a career if he doesnt mind living in Las Vegas, but he will have to stay original and find different ways to entertain besides destroying mike stands. Jena does seem to have staying power though, and at such a young age, she can continue to develop her stage presence and dance skills that should make her a reasonably successful pop singer.

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