‘American Idol’ mystery: Is Jessica Meuse too boring to win?

On “American Idol” this season, Jessica Meuse is a complete mystery.

She’s one of this season’s quieter contestants, but did you know that she’s one of only three singers (along with Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston) to never appear in America’s bottom three?

Such an impressive feat would normally make Jessica a frontrunner to win the season. However, this 23-year-old native of Slapout, AL doesn’t have much of a vocal fanbase compared to the other singers, particularly when it comes to our racetrack odds. Is she too boring to win?

Jessica frequently comes in last (as she does this week) on our leaderboards for who’s out front to win Season 13. The highest she ever ranked was sixth, way back in Top 10 Week.

If Jessica does have a mystery fanbase that’s loyal enough to keep her out of the dreaded bottom three each week, perhaps everyone is underestimating her ultimate chances. Could she actually WIN the entire season?

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Jessica is one of the few contestants this season to sing original material on the show, proving she’s much more than just a karaoke singer. Last week, she delivered a vulnerable renditon of her own “Blue Eyed Lie” and got praises from the judges. (Watch that performance below.)

Jennifer Lopez called the performance “perfect,” while Harry Connick Jr. compared her to Cher and Nancy Sinatra. Keith Urban, meanwhile, seemed a bit too focused on her shoulder movements to recognize the beauty of her original tune.

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7 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ mystery: Is Jessica Meuse too boring to win?

  1. I enjoy listening to Jessica. I love her voice and her own songs are wonderful. I think she is very talented and will be successful despite the bussing the judges are doing.

  2. I really see no talent in Jessica at all. she seems to fake and no depth in her like the other girls on American idol this year. she has no real power it just seems she got there because she had pink hair and in her audition she didn’t even know the words to the group song that her group was singing.

  3. She sings like she’s dead inside. The light in her eyes is shut off. She stands so stock still on stage she could just fall over. Why hasn’t anybody coached her on stage presence? How can you be up there singing and NOT MOVE?

  4. I’m not sure where people’s heads are; I guess beauty really is in the eye/ear of the beholder. I think Jessica has a great sound and I LOVED her original song. Believe me, this is the first season that I have liked anyone’s original song and BOTH hers and Alex’s were great. Jessica is my favorite though, and I hope other people come to appreciate her. Not everyone was made to perform on television. She has plenty of time to ripen. Listen to that VOICE!!

  5. jessica does not seem to be able to show any feelings for the songs/words she is saying. She is like a Jessica is like a wooden board, lacks any passion , that has to come from the heart… everything about her seems to be ”put on”.she shows no feelings for the song/words she is saying. she is not real.

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