Meet our Oscars predictions contest champs: Jorden and Kyle

Jorden Samchok (left in photo) and Kyle Bailey had the top two scores in our contest to predict the 2013-2014 Oscars. They were among the 23 players who scored 96% (see leaderboard).

Samchok technically came out on top with the best total point score (7,791) thanks to smart strategic playing of his 500 point bet — he placed it on “Mr. Hublot” to pull off an upset in the race for Best Animated Short at 14-to-1 odds and, of course, he turned out to be right. (See his predix here.) However, since Samchok, 23, lives in Canada (he’s a student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, focusing on political studies), he’s not eligible to receive our contest’s cash prize of $1,000. (See contest rules.)

Therefore, that prize went to our second-place contestant — Bailey, who scored 4,140 points, which is miraculous considering he didn’t bother to play any of our contest’s Super Bets. (“I didn’t understand how to do those,” he confesses.) The only category he got wrong was that tricky race for animated shorts — he, like most pundits, bet on “Get a Horse” — but otherwise, he nailed all top races. See his predix here.

Bailey, 19, is a student at Full Sail College in Florida where he’s studying film, music and gaming with the hope of becoming a film director someday. Presumably, an Oscar-winning one.

The only category Samchok got wrong was Best Documentary Feature. He bet on “The Act of Killing” instead of “20 Feet from Stardom.”

Below: Our wecam chat, which, beware, is a bit choppy and awkward here and there due to a weak wifi connection in a food court at Queen’s University.

Congrats to Samchok, Bailey and all other top players in our Oscar predictions contest.

4 thoughts on “Meet our Oscars predictions contest champs: Jorden and Kyle

  1. Hey Tom, This is Gautam. How is it that Kyle’s prediction chart shows the winning odds as 33/1 for Helium whereas, for me it shows 14/5. I too predicted 23 out of 24 but lagged behind on points count. Shouldn’t all the winning odds be same for everyone.

  2. GAUTAM,
    Odds change all the time based upon current predictions across the site. That way you are rewarded with best odds if you pick a winner early before that choice becomes obvious to everybody.

  3. When Kyle said he wanted Joseph Gordon Levitt to host the Oscars, a lightbulb went off in my head. He’s PERFECT! Tom, you should contact your friends Craig and Neil and tip them off to this genius idea.

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