Will Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’) continue winning streak for Starz at Golden Globes? [Exclusive Video]

Last year Starz broke into the Golden Globes race with a win for Jacqueline Bisset (“Dancing on the Edge“) and nominations for “The White Queen.” Next, will the network land top bids for new drama “Outlander” and its compelling Irish star Caitriona Balfe?

Balfe is currently tied for seventh place with last year’s nominee Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black“) for the Best TV Drama Actress Globe, but her odds are probaby much better. (See Gold Derby’s official Golden Globe rankings and racetrack odds.) In fact, she seems to be the perfect made-for-Globes star. Watch our new chat below with Balfe as she discusses the massive popularity of her new program.

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Outlander” is one of Starz’s all-time biggest hits, but more important is the fact that it’s an international sensation. That’s key because the people voting for the Golden Globes are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who love to trumpet new hot stars for their media outlets across the world.

Balfe receives unanimous praise for her role as Claire Randall, a medical practitioner and time-traveler who lives both in the 20th and 18th centuries. The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Balfe is reason enough to watch; she’s a confident actress who brings various shades to her character.”

And Variety‘s Brian Lowry says, “‘Outlander’ is undoubtedly Claire’s story, with the luminous Balfe anchoring practically every scene, her steely gaze and quick wit positioning her as an ideal entry point to the foreign and barbaric land she finds herself trapped in.”

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13 thoughts on “Will Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’) continue winning streak for Starz at Golden Globes? [Exclusive Video]

  1. Balfe belongs on a fashion runway not in a television series. Winning this award would totally disrespect the female actors who have spent years perfecting their craft.

  2. Balfe is amazing in the part. As one who has read this character for years – she lives up to my very high expectation and in a couple of episodes, she exceeded it.

  3. Cindy, your comment is so ridiculous and disrespectful. Caitriona Balfe is amazing ads Claire, even if you doing think she’s “worked hard enough” to win. Have you even seen this show?

  4. Caitriona Balfe is “prodigious” in this role…..She continues an epic career as a TOP fashion and runway queen. There are some female actresses who have years experience and not the talent Cait has. If she takes her Globe for Claire it is well deserved and will be very supported by Outlander Fans…Slainte!!!!

  5. Wow Cindy I am so surprised at your comment. Please do a little research so you can see that Caitriona has been in several movies; Outlander is just her big break. Caitriona has paid her dues for years as a model and as an actress and she deserves to win for doing a wonderful job creating Claire on the screen. I hope she wins it all!

  6. Ugh. I’ve been a fan of the books since the 90’s. I could not wait for this series; I was so excited when I learned Ron Moore was producing it. But Caitriona ruined it for me. The rest of the casting was stellar, but with her as Claire, I never made it to episode 8. I thought she would eventually click for me, but each week was worse than the next. She has made me despise a character I have loved for decades. Tobias on the other hand did the opposite; he made me love a character I had hated for decades!

  7. Sorry to ruin your day but Caitriona has gone to school for acting not modeling she just happened to be talented as well as beautiful but there is no denying she is a break out star and one to watch she not a plastic actress she has smile lines and ability

  8. Caitriona was fantastic and after Menzies she’s the most talented actor in the show by a long shot, it goes

    Menzies >> Balfe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest of the main cast.

  9. Not to mention that her performance has been praised to death by the media, so if you don’t like Caitriona as Claire you are perfectly entitled to it, but if you think Caitriona can’t act then you’re entitled to your wrong opinion.

  10. Caitriona, Tobias, and Sam’s performances, in that exact order, helped Outlander to become a superb TV mini series. Their chemistry is spot on. They deserve both nominations and wins.

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