‘Dancing with the Stars’ Poll: Does Bethany Mota’s online fan base give her unfair advantage?

As always, there are two keys to winning “Dancing With the Stars“: high scores from the judges and strong support from viewers voting at home. Some have argued that Alfonso Ribeiro has an unfair advantage because of his Broadway and TV dance experience, but what about the second half of the equation? Bethany Mota came to the show already with scores of online fans. Does that make her invincible this season?

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As of this writing, Mota has almost 7.5 million YouTube subscribers, over two million Twitter followers, and 1.5 million Facebook followers. If even a small percentage of those fans are following her progress on the show, does she have the viewer vote in the bag? An army of social-media acolytes could tip the scales in her favor even if they’re not watching the show.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Mota is partnered with Derek Hough, arguably the show’s most popular pro dancer with five wins to his name, more than any other “Dancing with the Stars” pro. Last season, he and Paralympian Amy Purdy finished second to Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but will he be harder to beat when his star-power is combined with Mota’s multimedia influence?

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Making matters worse for her rivals, it turns out that Mota is also a natural on the dance floor. She and Hough earned one of the season’s first perfect scores on “Movie Night,” so her more experienced competitors like Ribeiro and former ballerina Lea Thompson can’t necessarily rely on the judges’ scores to carry them through every week.

Currently, Mota, Ribeiro, and Thompson all get 15/2 odds at the top of our users’ predictions (click here for their complete stats). Is she the one to beat? Vote in our poll below, then click here to make your predictions.

10 thoughts on “‘Dancing with the Stars’ Poll: Does Bethany Mota’s online fan base give her unfair advantage?

  1. Honestly, this is Dancing with THE STARS. They are suposse to be “stars”, to have legions of fans that will vote for them. If the other “stars” of this seasons don’t have this, is their lost. Bethany is just doing her job right, and if her fans vote, well, good for her. Maybe they should have cast other “stars” that are trully that, if they can’t even compete in terms of popullarity with a youtube blogger.
    Sorry if i made any mistakes with the grammar, english isn’t my maternal languaje.

  2. Isn’t everyone on this show supposed to have fans? Fans at home voting for these dancers are a big part of the whole voting process. She has fans. So does everyone else on the show. Do you expect her to not have any fans? Because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be on Dancing With The STARS.

  3. don’t all the STARS have fanbases….she’s not the only one with a large fanbase so I don’t know why this article is specifically about beth. this applies to all the stars.

  4. No one really thinks this is an actual dance competition do they. It’s a friggin popularity contest more than anything. It’s clear certain people are better dancers but they still get eliminated because some vapid teenager gets more phone calls. Dance competition, please.

  5. Being Derek’s partner gives her an unfair advantage. He’s above and beyond the biggest star on the show. Not to the general public of course but to the people who actually watch it.

  6. are you people kidding a young youtube star has unfair advantage??? when Alfonso has been around before she was even born?????

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