‘Dancing with the Stars’ poll: Did judges get it right on ‘Party Night’?

The judging on “Dancing With the Stars” sparked disagreement from our readers on “Disney Night.” In last week’s poll, most respondents disagreed with James Maslow‘s perfect score, and our commenters had a few choice words for judges about some of their other calls:

‘DWTS’ recap: Meryl Davis rules ‘Party Anthem Night,’ but party’s over for Drew Carey

Amy: “If anyone is ‘judges’ pet,’ it’s [Amy Purdy]. Having lifts recognized, but no deduction because of her ‘unique circumstance’ after they said in the premiere that she would be scored the same as everyone else. I do admire her bravery, but I’m tired of them bending the rules for her.”

Sam: “Headlines should have read ‘Meryl Davis sabotaged by judges in an attempt to slow her down.’ “

Ria: “How could [Carrie Ann Inaba] have said that Meryl and Maks danced as one, and Donny Osmond talk about them setting the bar high for the others and then both of them gave Meryl and Maks a 9 instead of a 10?”

Ari: “How could they score Amy and [NeNe Leakes] above Meryl?”

Those commenters may be pleased that Davis returned to the top of the judges’ standings on “Party Anthem Night,” scoring 40 out of 40.

Overall, judges were less generous than they were on “Disney Night,” when they gave out nine perfect 10s. This week, besides Davis’s straight set they only gave out two other 10s: to Purdy for her quick-footed jive. Purdy scored a total of 38, followed by Danica McKellar and Charlie White with 36, Maslow with 35, Leakes with 33, and Candace Cameron Bure with a respectable 32. Drew Carey, who was eliminated, also scored 32.

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What did you think of this week’s scores? Did the judges get it right this time? Vote in our poll below and then predict who you think will win the mirror ball trophy:

4 thoughts on “‘Dancing with the Stars’ poll: Did judges get it right on ‘Party Night’?

  1. First off, let’s go back to Disney night for a moment. Amy getting 10’s when she had an illegal lift and then Charlie NOT getting even one 10 for a prop fail, is ridiculous. His routine was incredibly difficult, entertaining and “happy.”
    Now for this week, Amy again had a mistake in a turn and hold (pointed out by the judges) and still scored 10’s and higher than Charlie, who had NO flubs and wonderful hip movement.
    It is pretty obvious that ALL the judges (as well as the producers) want Amy in the finals and they are trying hard to put her there. It’s also obvious that James Carrie Ann’s favorite and she over scores him to help get him to the finals as well. They had no choice but to give Meryl and Maks a perfect score this week, as we ALL know it WAS PERFECT.
    So as far as Charlie goes, hopefully his fan base can pull in enough votes each week to get him where he deserves, THE FINALS.
    All in all it is a reality show driven by ratings and the “show” will do whatever it wants to have an outcome to keep people talking about it and coming back for more.

  2. Tina K, Charlie got a 10 from Len, but 9s from everyone else.

    I think it was probably fair for Charlie to get 9s for his cha-cha – his hip action was ok, it was a difficult dance, but there wasn’t a wow factor in my opinion. Amy was overscored for her jive though, because she had clear mistakes and yet got perfect scores. By that same logic, Charlie should have gotten a perfect 40 for his jazz last week. It’s blatant preferential treatment. For Charlie it’s going to be difficult because he’s splitting a fan base with Meryl, he’s not scoring as high as Meryl is, and Maks has a bigger fan base than Sharna does as a pro.

  3. Kristina, I totally forgot about Len’s 10, my bad. 😉 And you are sooo right about Charlie splitting his fan base with Meryl and Maks having a larger one than Sharna. Having said all of this though, I firmly believe that the show is skewed if not outright “fixed” toward certain celebs because of good story lines. I LOVE how Sharna has pushed for them to show Charlie struggling in practice, which they did this week, and he’s even adorable when he swears. Plus, they finally mentioned his tough schedule with SOI. Everybody thinks Meryl & Charlie are shoe ins because of their ice “dance” experience. So, he needs the judges to score him fairly to give him a fighting chance and also to get some sympathy from viewers for how hard he has to work.

  4. Usually don’t comment…just enjoy reading others….but…it is becoming so blatantly obvious they’re low ball scoring Charlie. Whether it’s a bias (can’t give 10’s to both olympians) or he is so good they are knit picking, or they’re setting him up to make a big “breakthrough” the chatter is that a lot of fans are being rubbed the wrong way; and though the new viewers who are skate enthusiasts aren’t posters I’ve talked to more than a few who are pissed, Charlie is well liked and it’s obvious he is putting a lot of effort in to giving them what they expect but still not getting the deserved scores (I don’t think his pro is too happy about it either). unless this is a preprogrammed showmance to cause talk, they’re prejudice is gonna backfire. Having a background in choreo, I can say no doubt he is extremely capable and his programs have been substantially difficult where even some pro’s would have difficulty.
    This isn’t enhancing the show quality & if they don’t level their scoring and at least become somewhat consistent in their judging the overwhelming yells of “the fix is in” are gonna come back and bite them…and with good reason.

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