Whoa! Are we fools to underestimate Amy Purdy’s chances of winning ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Meryl Davis leads our “Dancing With the Stars” predictions to win the mirror ball trophy, as she has for the entire season, but are we foolishly underestimating the power of Amy Purdy?

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As of this writing, Davis gets 3/10 odds to win the season, and Purdy follows with 10/1 odds, tied with James Maslow. Candace Cameron Bure trails with 16/1 odds. Purdy has never led our racetrack odds, but she has proven over the weeks that she has what it takes to pull off a shocking upset.

The judges consistently fawn over Davis’s technique; she was the first contestant to receive 10s this season, and she has gotten more of them than any other contestant, including two perfect dances on “American Icons Night” that put her at the top of the leaderboard going into finals.

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But she’s beatable.

On the night of celebrity dance duels, Davis found herself in an unusual position – last place – after the judges criticized her out-of-synch collaboration with Danica McKellar. Meanwhile, that same night, Purdy surged to the top for the first time.

Purdy also has the season’s best narrative. Reality TV loves a good underdog story, and it might equally resonate with the fans who vote for reality TV for the prize to go to a resilient double-amputee performing difficult routines on prosthetic legs. Alternately, while it makes sense that Davis, a gold medal-winning ice dancer, would prove an equally adept ballroom dancer, be a judges’ favorite, and then win the season, it wouldn’t be as dramatic a story.

It doesn’t hurt that Purdy is paired with pro dancer Derek Hough, himself an audience-favorite and a five-time winner of “Dancing with the Stars,” including the last two seasons in a row. His legion of fans will likely give Purdy a boost, but will it be enough to take down Davis?

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Who are you rooting for to win “Dancing with the Stars” next Tuesday? Vote in our poll below, then make your predictions:

9 thoughts on “Whoa! Are we fools to underestimate Amy Purdy’s chances of winning ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

  1. Amy Purdy will win. This show is never about the BEST dancer, it’s about the one people connect with. Amber Riley was not the BEST dancer last season, she had a great story. She was a big girl that could MOVE. Amy by far has the most inspirational story. Nobody cares if a Gold Medalist with a somewhat lack of personality gets even more glory by winning this show.

  2. Most likely Amy will win. There was no growth in Meryl she stayed the same all the way thru except 4that one dance. All the others grew. That’s what I find fascinating. I think Charlie would have been in the finals, but people most likely split their votes between Meryl and him.

  3. Amy does not deserve to win. She is not dancing. The judges are not treated her like all of the other contestants. Derek and her do lifts which is a NO-No with any other contestant. My vote is for Candance. She has made the most growth.

  4. I think we know who the winner will be (more like “who the winner is”!). Who is ABC kidding: Oprah just happened to make a phone call to Amy Purdy? I suspect the call was CONTRIVED and planned by producers, to make it look like their scheme of a FIXED win for Amy is favored by Oprah and let her huge fans hear (to get them to vote for AMY, just like Oprah says she’s doing!) Did you hear Oprah say, “CONGRATULATIONS” and “I’ll take you out WHEN (not IF) YOU WIN”?, just like Carrie Ann Inaba’s saying the same thing in her judging! (as if they already know Amy is the winner!) Pardon me, but Oprah is no dance expert, mind you. Shame on Oprah for stooping this low, cooperating and campaigning for the Network’s pre-determined winner, instead of diplomatically staying neutral and keeping her choice private. (You’d think she would know to observe some proper etiquette, being a famous TV personality!) I’m sure there are other famous TV personalities who watch the show and prefer a certain DWTS competitor, but do they announce their preferences publicly on TV? Except, of course, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel (who perhaps knew all along about the scheme), announcing his prediction for Amy to win at the beginning of Season 18! Just totally unfair and uncalled for; Oprah has now lost me as a fan and perhaps there are others out there who feel the same way, too. Do they really think we, the viewers are blind, naive and stupid? ABC thinks they could fool us! PLEASE! Many of us viewers have varying degrees of intelligence and maybe some professional dance experiences; so, Oprah and ABC, don’t insult us, please! If Amy will be declared the winner next week, then, ABC’s plan all along would mean “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! If the winner would be unfairly based upon FAVORITISM, instead of JUDGING THE BEST DANCER UNDER UNIFORM CRITERIA FOR EVERY CONTESTANT, then let’s prove to ABC that we are capable of boycotting the show after the DWTS Season 18 is over and bring the ratings down low for Season 19!

  5. If you want a professional ballroom dance competition then watch the international finals on PBS. This is a reality show with fan voting. The professionally trained dancers may not always win.

  6. You have your facts wrong. It was Amy and Derek who were fawned over all season–constantly overscored. Amy scowled whenever her competition danced and did nothing but whine in her side story. The one week she could have really promoted the para-Olympics or another handicapped person she chose to receive a call that would promote votes. Your article say the odds are in Meryl’s favor, yet Vegas sites are predicting Amy. Amy is the sympathy vote, if that is what’s important to you, vote for her. Myself I like dedication, inspiration, and an indomitable spirit–I’ll be voting for Meryl.

  7. Meryl Davis and her partner Maksim have shown us the delights of ballroom dancing with a little nod to contemporary this season. No gimmicks or props, just breathtaking dancing. Each week has been better than the last. I’m going to do my part to see that they hold that MBT come Tuesday night.

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