‘Dancing with the Stars’ poll: Who are the best and worst guest judges?

“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller joins the “Dancing With the Stars” judges’ table next Monday, but how will she compare to the rest of this season’s guests?

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Regular judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli, who have been with the show from the very beginning, were joined by celebrity guests starting in week three, when “Dancing” fan and “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts helped rate the contestants when they performed dances inspired by their most memorable years.

Roberts was followed by Julianne Hough on the dreaded switch-up night. Hough, who won “DWTS” twice as a pro dancer, is the only guest thus far this season with professional ballroom experience, and she didn’t pull any punches when she accused Maksim Chmerkovskiy of phoning in his performance with Danica McKellar so he could reunite with regular partner Meryl Davis.

Disney Night” guest Donny Osmond isn’t a professional dancer, but he brought a different kind of expertise to the event: he won “DWTS” as a celebrity contestant in season nine. On an especially generous night for all the judges, he gave out three perfect 10s: to James Maslow, Amy Purdy, and McKellar.

Redfoo, one half of the dance music duo LMFAO, was a fitting choice to judge “Party Anthem Night,” having produced one of the most successful digital songs in history, “Party Rock Anthem.” He rated the contestants’ “pimped out,” “out of this world” performances with a special, sparkling paddle.

Ricky Martin was the most recent addition to the judges’ table. On Monday’s “Latin Night,” he opened the show with a live performance of a new song, and then praised the contestants for their sensuality and athleticism; it probably didn’t hurt that some dances were choreographed to his music.

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Which of the guest judges has been your favorite so far? Or do you think the show should do away with guests altogether? Vote in our poll below and predict who will get the highest marks from judges next week:

40 thoughts on “‘Dancing with the Stars’ poll: Who are the best and worst guest judges?

  1. I will not watch tonight, I love the show, but with that loud mouthed rude woman as a guest judge, no way. She has no business around children and shouldn’t be on TV.

  2. I am not fond of the guest judges, most of them just go along with the program and don’t have anything constructive to add. Julianne Hough actually is fabulous, but Donnie Osmond? Puhleeeease! What a braggart, “you know I played that part” comments, totally out of line. Please do not have him back…. ever. Guest judging takes too much time and I would rather watch the Macy’s dancers or the other pro’s doing their commercial entertainment for the live audience. STOP the guest judging.

  3. I AM SICK OF THIS SHOW…TO GET ABBY MILLER!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! She does nothing but abuse the children on her show…she is a disgrace to society…
    I am done with DWTS…your show is getting worse every week…it is time to say bye bye DWTS…enough is enough…you want to be sleazy, tacky, low down…& now this…I will watch something else from now on…Your show is crap!

  4. I agree with Fed Up. I am long time lover of this show. Will not watch tonight . Can’t stand that woman.

  5. I am so happy to see Maxs finally has a good dancing partner and could actually win the mirror ball. He seems very content and happy this season. I always felt bad for him and Tony as they never got any one decent. The young decent performers always went to Derek or Mark. I hope Maxs wins the big one for once.

  6. Wow, some of you people take this show more seriously than I do. It’s just entertainment! If you don’t like it, why not turn the channel? I have enjoyed hearing the opinions of the guest judges, except Donny Osmond. What a putz. But other than that, I have enjoyed this season.

  7. I agree with Eleanor as I think that Maxs is a wonderful dancer and I’m tired of seeing Derek getting all the good partners that he gets. There are a few male dancers as good or better than he is.

  8. Derek is by far my favorite professional but I really think Max and Meryl deserve to win this season. As far as guest judges are concerned, I have nothing against having them on but I think they should be or have been a professional dancer – it is clear that Julianne was the only guest judge who knew what she was talking about.

  9. We don’t enjoy the guest judges very much…Julianne Hough is a negative for the judging reviews with her catty comments to other pros who have endured her diva attitude over the years. When her remarks of ‘phoning in routines’ and her knowing how a friend ‘works’ were not acceptable for a professional to make!
    Personalities as Robin Roberts who are fans of the show are a breath of fresh air. Donny remembers too much of what the experience was for him. I enjoyed Ricky Martin for the substance of his remarks. Redfoo was there and was not negative in his remarks…kind of fun. Derek is a wonderful dancer and has done well with partners with and without challenges. Maks’ attitude is much more pleasant this season. I always love Tony, Mark, and Val. Tony was mistreated by Nene this year! Have enjoyed the show for all of the seasons and hope it continues to strive to be high quality. Miss Harold Wheeler and the band and singers. LOVE Erin Andrews replacing Brooke Burke. Erin’s questions and comments are so much more relevant and kind.

  10. I think Julianne was good, but I felt her comment about Max was not professional. I am hoping the M & M team wins. Max is long over due.

  11. I am VERY disappointed in DWTS! As a dance professional and dance teacher if 38 years, I DO NOT support your guest judge. I know Derek and Mark have been outspoken about her treatment of students and teachings. DWTS is my favorite show and look forward to it each week. I will not be watching and cannot express enough, my disappointment.


  13. Some of you may not have liked Julianne Hough as a judge, but she’s hands down the best female dancer who has ever been on Dancing with the Stars. She should keep dancing and someday her name will go down in dancing history as one of the greats.

  14. I do not like having guest judges every week. They are a waste of time. I did like Julianne, although she was tough with Maks, and I also liked Ricky and Robin.

  15. I would like to see Dancing With The Fans for the 20th season. That gives me two years to get ready to try out.

  16. Am sooooo sick of Carrie Ann. She has her favorites and judges others against them. Sick of her crying too. Would love to see her replaced permanently. Don’t like the guest judges at all. Most of them don’t have a clue what’s going on.

  17. Not looking forward to Abbie Lee Miller as a judge. I don;t think she critiques her own dancers constructively and don’t want to see her bring the DWTS people down!

  18. I think Derek Hough expects too much of his partners because he wants to win every time. He has an attitude that doesn’t come across as having fun, he acts superior to every one. He seems to crave the center of attention. I’m rooting for Meryl all the way. granee J.

  19. Having done away with Results Night, I think the judges should have the opportunity to have their current nights scores added to the previous weeks judge’s score and viewer votes. Judging only on the previous weeks numbers does not give the dancers a chance to redeem themselves.

  20. My husband and I have watched all but the first season and we are getting tired of all the sex promoted now, by having the men remove their shirts, the costumes, promoting the gays and especially the remarks from Bruno . We have always enjoyed the show, but it is almost R rated and not family entertainment anymore. I believe some of the Stars have been embarressed also.

  21. Really don’t look forward to that obnoxious so called dance teacher tonight; I would never watch her ever and I think it’s trashy to have her on-Omg, I already feel like she’s ruining the show tonight, doesn’t even know what she’s talking about for being so cocky!

  22. That is so wrong.. Dance mom cannot score based on feelings!!!! Either make her rescore or make her leave. This is wrong!

  23. Abby Lee should not have been a guest. NO WAY. I was glad when Max said. “I don’t care what she says”
    Please don’t ever bring her back. She should look in the mirror before she critizes those kids or anyone else,

  24. Abby Lee came close to me wanting to turn the program off, what a fat cow she is. I don’t watch her show and will never do so, I loved it when Max told her off in a very nice way. I thought all of the dancers were great tonight and I am looking forward to next weeks show. Also Erin is not a good hostess, I think dance as beiong elegant and she is not and she is one that says she is not a dancer so why is she there?

  25. I agree with everything being said about Abbey Miller. Whoever came up with the idea of even asking her to be a Judge needs to rethink their choices for future Judges. Please don’t invite anyone that has an attitude or view themselves as if they deserve some sort of self entitlement the way Abby Miller views herself.

  26. Abby Miller doesn’t look like she ever danced! I never had a fat dance teacher. I don’t understand why they had that fat self absorbed cow on, her ridiculous so called helpful hints were time wasters. I feel sorry for her students!

  27. Abby Lee was the worst of the worst. How did she ever get to be someone teaching and judging little girls. Agree with Maxim she had no creditablity at all and he should have said more but he is a gentleman. I think all the pros agree with him. AWFUL choice. Other judges at least were pleasant. She doesnt have nice side to her. Not a nice judge at all.


  29. Abby was condescending, rude, obnoxious, thought the show was hers and hog the time excessively. I agree with Tom when he said it is only a two hour show to her in rebuke, which obviously went over her head as she kept talking. Max was right as well when he said, she is unimportant (or words to that effect). DWTS has either got to stop with the fourth judge business, or get people who know what they are talking about when they judge, but they won’t because they are morons who think they know everything.,

  30. Abby may have grown up in a dance studio but I have never heard the expression “sickled feet” in the ballroom dance-maybe ballet but not appropriate here. Meryl and Max were wonderful. I agree with other judges about “would like to have had more rhumba steps” in their routine but they did a great job telling the story with dance.

  31. Abby was the worst judge ever!! She is rude crude and socially unacceptable as far as I’m concerned. Poor young girls that have to be around her to learn how to interact in this world o learn to dance, I bet it is a nightmare. She has way to high opinion of her importance!! I hope to never see her again.

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