Chandler Massey (‘Days of Our Lives’) could make Daytime Emmys history with third win

Chandler Massey is accustomed to breaking barriers on “Days of Our Lives.” He played Will Horton as the character came to terms with his sexuality and became the first person to win Best Younger Actor at the Daytime Emmys for playing a gay role. He left the NBC soap in January 2014 and was replaced by actor Guy Wilson, but Massey has one more chance to make history on his way out the door.

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Massey won the Younger Actor prize twice in a row (2012, 2013), and if he wins again this year he would be only the second actor to win the category three times – following Jonathan Jackson, who won for “General Hospital” in 1995, 1998, and 1999 – and the first to do so in consecutive years.

Winning three in a row is a challenging feat in any category. Even the most awarded actors – Anthony Geary (seven wins), Erika Slezak (six), and Justin Deas (six) – never won a category more than twice consecutively. The only two actors who have pulled it off both did so in the Younger Actress race: Jennifer Finnigan (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” 2002-2004) and Jennifer Landon (“As the World Turns,” 2006-2008).

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Even more impressive, Massey would be the first actor from “Days of Our Lives” ever to win three Emmys, consecutive or otherwise. To date, he is one of only nine actors to win competitive Emmys for “Days,” and only one other actor has won twice: Macdonald Carey, who won Best Drama Actor in 1974 and 1975 for playing family patriarch Tom Horton, Will’s great-grandfather.

Will Massey make history? He currently leads our predictions with 3/2 odds. Make your own Best Younger Actor predictions below:

9 thoughts on “Chandler Massey (‘Days of Our Lives’) could make Daytime Emmys history with third win

  1. I love Chandler, but he was really phoning it in once he decided he was leaving. Freddie and Camila picked up the slack in his scenes. That said, historically phoning it in can win you the Emmy so who knows? Freddie has a great chance, as does Casey Moss who was incredible in his scenes where he learned that his dad raped his aunt.

  2. As Brian Dattilo said in an interview: “Chandler is Mr. Emmy, can’t touch that guy.”
    if he wins, and I truly hope he does, it’ll be well deserved. His run in ‘Days’ has been outstanding, and his sincere and moving performances have made a lot of people around the world to fall in love with the character.
    So, yes. I’m rooting for Chandler Massey to win.

  3. Chandler had a good run while he was on Days, and his final year with the show he had some really good scenes (the Nick/Gabi wedding that didn’t happen where Will admitted that he was the father of Gabi’s unborn baby; the blackmailing by Nick where Will signed over his parental rights to his daughter (before she was even born; and then the kidnapping of Nick and Gabi where Will and Sonny went to Smith Island to rescue Nick and Gabi from Jensen, and Gabi went into labor so Sonny had to help deliver Arianna; and Will got shot trying to save Nick from his crazy captor Jensen). Those were some pretty exciting scenes with Chandler Massey as Will Horton. His final months on the show you could tell he was ready to go, and he didn’t seem all that excited to be there. But he first part of 2013 was really great and I think he has a chance to win the third Emmy based on some of those scenes at the beginning of the year up through June 2013. I agree that he and Freddie both did a phenomenal job during 2013 which is what this Emmy Award season is based on. We will just have to wait and see who gets the award. Good luck to all the nominees.

  4. Chandler is a phenomenal actor, but in some ways I’d like to see someone else win it this year. I enjoyed him so much, and was very sad when I found out he was leaving early. But I also agree with some other things I’ve read around the internet… that it was becoming somewhat obvious he was ready to leave by the end. Or was at least very bored with his material. If the scenes he submitted deserve more merit than the other nominees, I hope he wins. But I don’t want him to win just for being Chandler Massey or just to make Emmy history with 3 wins, or to “right the wrong” some people think was inflicted upon him by letting him go 3 months early. The Daytime Emmys have been criticized in recent years for not being fair, and I’ve read about the changes they’ve made to try and rectify that. Hopefully it works, and the best reel actually wins, and not just the most popular or compelling personality.

  5. Freddie would have deserved an Emmy so much more!! Sonny delivering Ari and the aftermath as well as his scenes with Nick were the best performances I’ve ever seen on any soap.

    Chandler, however, quit the role and has since been busy showcasing his “straightness” to whoever cared.

    I would also like to see the exact scenes submitted to the “Academy”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chandler’s scenes were less obvious gay than Freddie’s and that’s probably the reason for them nominating Chandler rather than Freddie.

    A lot of people still remember how brilliant Van Hansis was deprived of his Emmy FOUR times after getting nominated. Homophobia is still extremely present and dominant in this business as well as in our society as a whole.

  6. As a reply to William’s comment I’d like to point out that the reel Chandler Massey submitted last year it’s the one where he shares a really hot kiss with the character ‘Neil’. The very same that won him his 2nd consecutive Daytime Emmy.
    I won’t dare denying homophobia is, unfortunately, still very present in our world. But last year in the Daytime Emmys, it didn’t prevent Chandler Massey from winning. So maybe it’s not about being more or less obvious gay/straight, but about submitting a better performance in the voters’ opinion.
    I also think that Freddie Smith is a brilliant actor, and not being nominated for an award does not prove or say anything against his talent or the value of his work.

  7. Wow, the negative comments concerning Chandler Massey and just phoning it in? Did anyone actually watch the first half of 2013 because anything he did during that time trumped anything Freddie did all year. I came to this story line by accident on youtube so just finished watching through 2013. I did not know any of these actors until stumbling upon this All I can say is that it was Chandler who blew me away. The second half of 2013 was comparatively weak and so was the writing. But man he can act!

  8. Hello Karen. If I could favorite your comment I would.
    I have the feeling that has been the case for many viewers, especially those not familiar with the Soap’s world. My discovery of Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith was also casual and, with no discredit on Freddie’s undeniable talent, it was Chandler’s soulful acting who dazzled and kept me tuning in until his last day on air. Yes, he can act. And he is true.

  9. Chandler is a gifted actor, besides being handsome, sensual, built and all, but this is a ‘first love’: first loves cannot last, by definition. His relationship with Sonny ran it’s course and that was apparent in his acting: whatever his sexuality it was getting boring, and any fan could see that, and Chandler just could not get an erection doing the same routine. The script dropped the ball when Will survived the shooting…it was a perfect ‘out’, and it would have provided an essential omission: mourning…and in the post-AIDS era it was needed.

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