Daytime Emmy reels: Can Chandler Massey win Younger Actor in three minutes?

Just like last year, this year’s Daytime Emmy acting reels are being made available for public viewing online. This year’s roundup of episode submissions began today with Best Younger Actor. I’ve watched all five; here’s how defending champ Chandler Massey (“Days of Our Lives“) measures up:

Watch his rivals’ reels:
Bryan Craig, Chad Duell, Max Ehrich, and Daniel Polo

Length of Reel: 3:30

Synopsis: Will Horton (Massey) waits in the hospital for news about his unborn baby, and then confides in his boyfriend Sonny (Freddie Smith) about his desire to be a good father.

Analysis: Massey is the two-time defending champ in this category. Both of his previous wins were for episodes involving his struggle with his sexuality, but this time he struggles with impending fatherhood. His performance is full of tearful emotion — the kind of soul-searching that won it for him before — though the reel lacks a singular impactful moment.

His biggest disadvantage is the length of his reel: at less than four minutes, it’s half as long of the next shortest submission in the category. Quality matters more than quantity, but is there enough quality to measure up against the longer submissions of his competitors? Watch below, then predict if Massey will pull off a historic three-peat:

4 thoughts on “Daytime Emmy reels: Can Chandler Massey win Younger Actor in three minutes?

  1. The article says that “the reel lacks a singular impactful moment.” If you watch the whole episode, this scene with Sonny is its “singular impactful moment”. Just before it, Sonny arrives at the hospital, and the looks they share are worth a long, heartflet dialogue. In that moment you see how Will’s walls fall, and then he delivers this soulful speech conveying, on one hand, heartbreak and fear of loosing his daughter; and on the other, hope and thrill for a future with her. All at once, coming across astonishingly genuine, and with such apparent ease.
    To me, Chandler Massey has the strongest reel. The one with more quality.

  2. Ana29rz said it absolutely perfectly. Chandler doesn’t need a longer reel to make an impactful statement. This scene at just three minutes demonstrates such range as an actor, he demonstrates so many emotions in just this short time, which is why he deserves the Emmy, for a third year in a row!

  3. History will be made by Chandler Massey 3rd win in a row!!!! Just you wait and see and mark my words he might have been fired from his job(which was really stupid) but he will leave the award show with that Emmy in hand for his amazing portrayl for Will Horton which he made his OWN!!

  4. i just wish Chandler would have included his reaction to seeing Sonny at the hospital when he stepped off the elevator. That was so unbelievably good and instinctual. Don’t know why he didn’t.

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