Dexter Roberts: What I learned from ‘American Idol’ (exclusive video)

As he exits “American Idol” after making it as far as the Top 7, Dexter Roberts has a mature, even a grateful, attitude about the journey he’s taken as a music artist.

“I’ve learned a lot from all of my vocal coaches,” he tells Gold Derby. “I’ve learned to hold notes longer and when to break out and sing a certain part. I’ve really enjoyed all of the help that I’ve been given.

Some of that help has been positive feedback like JLo’s remark when he crooned “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”: “You always come out here and sing kind of perfect.” But those other judges could be tough on him. Still, he’s cool with that.

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“I love the tough parts because it helps me to be a better artist,” he adds. “They’ve been in this situation. They’ve already made it. I’m going to take what they’re saying and I’m going to put it to my everyday music career.”

3 thoughts on “Dexter Roberts: What I learned from ‘American Idol’ (exclusive video)

  1. I’m officially done with idol there is no stars. A chicken winning will more likely have a better winning career. As much as I like Caleb. The Voice really is the singing show of the 21 century.

  2. I have watched Idol most of the years since it has been on and I have watched The Voice as well. I like the blind auditions, but then it starts to get boring to me, even though there is some good talent. This year they have made changes even more boring to me….judges making the decisions longer. I think Judges should judge, not coach except to make suggestions for improvement. Idol has behind the scenes coaches. They don’t always have to be “stars” in my opinion. I usually end up straying away from the voice and coming back when the performances with voting begins. As far as Idol, each to his own I guess, but I find the show more entertaining and the talent to be superior in general. The voice has no break out stars yet after a number of shows with 2 seasons per year. I know that the rocker from Blake’s team seems to be making some progress becoming a star, but she had to switch genres to accomplish that. I hope Idol keeps plugging along because I think it is the best show.

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