Exclusive: AMC’s Emmy episode submissions for ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘Mad Men’

Gold Derby has exclusively confirmed the titles of episodes being submitted to Emmy judges by AMC series “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men.”

After Emmy nominations were announced on July 10, nominees were tasked with submitting samples of their best work to Emmy judges, who’ll view the DVDs starting next week. Series producers choose six episodes of each show, which are distributed randomly to three groups of voters (all members of the Television Academy are invited to participate) who view two episodes. Actors submit one episode to juries comprised of other actors.

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Below, the submissions of the AMC nominees.

Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad
Episode: “Ozymandias”

Jon Hamm, “Mad Men
Episode: “The Strategy”

Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad”
Episode: “Confessions”

Anna Gunn, “Breaking Bad”
Episode: “Ozymandias”

Christina Hendricks, “Mad Men”
Episode: “The Strategy”

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“Breaking Bad”
DVD A – “Confessions” & “Rabid Dog”
DVD B – “To’hajiilee” & “Ozymandias”
DVD C – “Granite State” & “Felina”

“Mad Men”
DVD A – “Time Zones” & “A Day’s Work”
DVD B – “Field Trip” & “The Monolith”
DVD C – “The Srategy” & “Waterloo”

6 thoughts on “Exclusive: AMC’s Emmy episode submissions for ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘Mad Men’

  1. What submissions! If Bryan Cranston doesn’t win and Mcconaughey does, this will be unfair. Why? Because Bryan has chosen the best episode of the TV history (Ozymandias) and True Detective is, in my opinion, the most overrated TV series of the year. BB forever!!!

    In spite of “The Strategy” is, probably, one of the most beautiful and incredible episodes of Mad Men since season 4, Jon Hamm will continue being the big loser of the Emmys another year more, and that is sad for Mad Men and its casting.

  2. Breaking Bad found success last year submitting 6 consecutive episodes, so it doesn’t surprise me that they are doing the same thing again this year, submitting the last 6 episodes of the series.

  3. Oh, Jon Hamm, no. It should have been Waterloo. I do like the Breaking Bad choices though. The actors all chose very wisely. I don’t know who I’m going to pick for supporting actor at this point. Is it going to be Aaron Paul with his Jesse going batsh*t crazy scenes, or Peter Dinklage with his big emotional speech? Ugh, I have no idea.

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