Editors’ Emmy predictions slugfest: Who’ll win Best Comedy Guest Actress?

During Gold Derby’s new slugfest (watch below), our Editors declare that the race for Best Comedy Guest Actress is one of the hardest to predict at this year’s Emmys. After dishing the pros and cons of each nominee, we agree that three women have a slight advantage because of their cultural impact, notoriety and physical comedy prowess: Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black“), Joan Cusack (“Shameless“) and Melissa McCarthy (“Saturday Night Live“).

Joining me in our latest video are Rob Licuria  and Ralph Galvan as we analyze the episodes submitted to Emmy judges as examples of their best work from the past TV season. Aduba submitted “Lesbian Request Denied,” Cusack went with “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” and McCarthy entered her “SNL” host gig. Other nominees: “Orange” ladies Laverne Cox (“Lesbian Request Denied”) and Natasha Lyonne (“WAC Pack”), and Emmy favorite Tina Fey for hosting “SNL.”

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Uzo Aduba | Laverne Cox | Joan Cusack

Of the three “Orange” ladies nominated, we all agree that Aduba is far out in front of Cox and Lyonne, but that Cusack has a real shot of upsetting her thanks to finally being submitted/nominated in the Comedy race for “Shameless” (instead of Drama). We also let you know about the Emmy controversy nobody is talking about regarding Cox’s twin brother appearing as her character Sophia during parts of “Lesbian Request Denied.” Will that have an effect on Emmy voting?

In the face-off between the “SNL” guest stars, all three of us give the edge to McCarthy over Fey thanks to the laugh-out-loud factor and McCarthy’s never-ending physical comedy. But strangely, the reverse is true according to Gold Derby odds, where everyone else seems to be voting for Fey over McCarthy.

Speaking of the odds, Gold Derby’s official combined racetrack odds currently find Aduba in first place with 1/2 odds, Cox in second with 10/3 odds, Cusack in third at 25/1, Fey in fourth with 33/1 odds, Lyonne in fifth at 50/1 and McCarthy in last place with 100/1 odds.

Emmy Episode Analysis: Read our Pros and Cons for
Tina Fey
| Natasha Lyonne | Melissa McCarthy

See all of our Editors’ predictions ranked per category here. Compare them to forecasts by the Emmy Experts here and by last year’s Top 24 Users here. See the rankings and racetrack odds generated when all predictions are combined.

Do you agree with our Editors’ predictions for Comedy Guest Actress? Make your own predictions below the video and then sound off in the comments section or join the discussion in our Emmys forum.

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4 thoughts on “Editors’ Emmy predictions slugfest: Who’ll win Best Comedy Guest Actress?

  1. Anyone with half of a brain knew that Cox’s twin brother played pre-transition Sophia in those flashback scenes. Were Emmy voters really that dense until GoldDerby FINALLY realized this??

  2. Laverne hasnt tried to hid or shy away from the fact that her twin brother is in the episode. She has mentioned it in every single interview I’ve seen her do. So, I fail to see how its a big controversy. But regardless Uzo is winning this one, no contest.

  3. That picture of Melissa McCarthy – She looks like a perfect match to play Sharon from Australia’s Kath & Kim (not the God awful US version from a few years ago) – If they ever tried doing a remake again. I LOVE that show and I think she’d be a fantastic Sharon

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