Emmy Episode Analysis: Is Allison Janney (‘Mom’) a slam dunk for Comedy Supporting Actress?

An Emmy-magnet and a double-nominee this year, Allison Janney compliments her Drama Guest Actress nomination for “Masters of Sex” with a Comedy Supporting Actress bid for playing Bonnie in CBS’s laffer “Mom.”

Watch our exclusive Q&A with Allison Janney about ‘Masters’ and ‘Mom

SYNOPSIS: In Janney’s submitted episode, “Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast,” Bonnie frantically calls her daughter Christy (Anna Faris) to inform her that she may be pregnant. She and Christy visit the doctor who informs Bonnie that she is not pregnant, but in fact going through menopause.

Bonnie doesn’t take the news well and enters a state of depression, complaining to Christy about her hot flashes and the consequences for her love life. Bonnie then decides that if she can’t feel young, she’ll act young instead. She shows up at Christy’s house in a short leather skirt, revealing top, and pink streaks in her hair – all while the religious parents of Christy’s daughter’s boyfriend are visiting.

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The next morning, realizing that acting young isn’t working, she decides to give in and be a typical grandmother, making breakfast for the family and showering absurd amounts of love on her grandchildren. And after that doesn’t work for her, she just decides to be who she has always been and goes on with life as usual.

Will Janney be able to regain her mojo with Emmy voters? Let’s analyze the pros and cons:


Rue McClanahan (“The Golden Girls”) won her Emmy back in 1987 for a similar episode.

Janney has several great scenes and laugh-out-loud moments, running the gamut of emotions: depressed, excited, outgoing, and angry. One scene in particular, in which she defends her granddaughter’s honor, is especially impressive.

Janney can seemingly do no wrong at the Emmys. She has four statues from six previous nominations.


She has won several Emmys already and is up for two more this year, but Emmy voters may feel she’s already received her due.

“Mom” wasn’t able to secure any other nominations even for its high-profile star Anna Faris, showing that there isn’t much support for the show with voters.

This is a category that often throws curveballs, so never count out an underdog. Just ask Merritt Wever.

Janney leads our predictions with 4/7 odds. Is she a lock in this category? Make your predictions below.


6 thoughts on “Emmy Episode Analysis: Is Allison Janney (‘Mom’) a slam dunk for Comedy Supporting Actress?

  1. I have Kate Mulgrew on top for now. I just feel that Kate also gave a great performance and “Orange Is The New Black” has a lot going for it. I also feel Janney is a lock for her other nomination in “Masters of Sex”. But Janney is great on that show and, in my opinion, the reason it has succeeded when most new sitcoms fail miserably. It will be a tight race. I still don’t know if I want to count out my personal favorite, Kate McKinnon, who has single-handedly held “Saturday Night Live” above water for the last year.

  2. She on the top of my list with this submission. You guys called it last year after it aired. And it’s just hilarious. It really refocused the series for the remainder of the season.

    And NO on Bowen, Geart. NO.

  3. I’d love Julie Bowen to pull an upset and win again. Her episode is perfect, and I wished she got another win for her perfect work as Claire Dunphy.

    Bowen for the win!

  4. Julie Bowen has no chance all she does in her episode is scratch her head because she has lice and she is in like 6 minutes of it. This race is between Janney and Mulgrew I could see either one winning but as someone else mentioned Janney won 4 times for West Wing I would rather a newbie to the EMMYs win like Kate Mulgrew or if they want to give a huge surprise how about Mayim Bialik or Anna Chlumsky??

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