Who is on YOUR Emmy dream ballot?

Sure, predicting who will be nominated for Emmys is fun but isn’t it time YOU had chance to vote for the contenders you want to see reap bids?

Now you can with our new Emmy Dream Ballot.

Using this year’s Emmy contenders as a starting point, tell us who is on your dream team, those shows and performers you would like to see nominated in the key categories.

We will reveal your rosters on July 9, the day before the Emmy nominations are announced. 

Join in the fierce debate about all the Emmy races in our red-hot forums

If you’re already registered at Gold Derby, go to your profile page and look down the left column for “Emmy Nominations 2014 Dream Ballot.” Click that link, and you can start casting your votes.

And don’t forget to also make your predictions for the other award shows as well as your favorite reality TV series. 

And if you haven’t yet registered, start here.

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7 thoughts on “Who is on YOUR Emmy dream ballot?

  1. I really would like to fill mine out, but Marica Gay Harden is missing, and you should allow us to have things in different category placements, for me Orange is the New Black is a Drama….can’t fill this out without all the options!

  2. Even though I watch Modern Family, this show does not deserve another win for best comedy or even the actors. There are so many other shows with better writing, acting,etc. This show is not even as funny as it used to be. The Emmy voters should focus on the quality of the show instead of what is the “funniest”

  3. Totally agree!! Modern Family is a crappy show. This show is not even considered quality or funny when compared to the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls, Cosby Show, Taxi, Will & Grace, The Jefferson’s, Friends, etc. Personally, I would give to the Big Bang Theory—-hands down much funnier than the other non-deserving shows!!!

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