Cast your dream ballot for Emmy nominations

Now that you have predicted the expected nominations for the 2014 Emmys, it is time to vote for the contenders you WANT to see reap bids.

Using this year’s Emmy contenders as a starting point, tell us who are the dream people you would like to see nominated in the key categories.

We will reveal your dream rosters on July 9, the day before the Emmy nominations are announced. 

If you’re already registered at Gold Derby, go to your profile page and look down the left column for “Emmy Nominations 2014 Dream Ballot.” Click that link, and you can start casting your votes.

And don’t forget to also make your predictions for the other award shows as well as your favorite reality TV series. 

And if you haven’t yet registered, start here.

5 thoughts on “Cast your dream ballot for Emmy nominations

  1. Why isn’t most of the cast of Trophy Wife elegible here? I want to be able to vote for Marcia Gay Harden, Michaela Watkins and Albert Tsai!

  2. MAYBE someone other than Betty White for best supporting actress in a comedy series from Hot in Cleveland,maybe even Valerie Bertinelli might finally get nominated for an Emmy(might win too).She will would be the only one on my dream ballot.

  3. My ultimate dream ballot is in the supporting actor and actress in a comedy series.In supporting actor,the four men of “Modern Family” against the two men for “The Big Bang Theory”.In supporting actress the two women of “Modern Family” against the three women of “The Big Bang Theory”.The sixth best supporting actress slot would go to Valerie Bertinelli of “Hot in Cleveland” They would be the all time dream Emmy nominees of a lifetime.

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