‘Game of Thrones’: Best (and dumbest) moves in ‘Oathkeeper’ episode

This week saw “Game of Thrones” deliver another strong episode with masters being punished and walkers taking babies. While the show is still sitting in fourth place with odds of 15/2 to win Best Drama Series at this year’s Emmys, if it continues to deliver like it has been doing all season, it could rise in the ranks.

So, as we approach the half way point of this fourth season, let’s check in with my moves of the week.

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Moves of the Week
1. Olenna Tyrell does what she needs to
She’s known as the Queen of Thorns, and this week we learnt just how sharp her prick can be with her murdering King Joffrey. The fulcrum of her family’s alliance with House Lannister was the marriage between the king and her granddaughter Margaery. When she realised that Joffrey was too volatile, she helped take him out. This move added stability to her alliance and got her ‘grandmother of the year’ for freeing Margaery from one of the worst villains in TV history.

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2. Margaery Tyrell works on king #3
Margery had Joffrey wrapped around her finger last season. The new king, Tommen, is proving light work. After some advice from her gran, she sneaks into Tommen’s bedroom with her trademark seductive smile and words of affirmation. She says when they are married “I’ll be yours” but it looks a lot more like it will be the other way around.

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3. Jaime Lannister gets things done
With all the goings on of the past two episodes, Jaime had a lot of catching up to do. He was very productive: working on his training, helping Tyrion prove his innocence, meeting with Cersai and sending off Brienne.

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Dumbest Move: Tommen Baratheon gets played in bed
Someone needs to tell Tommen that when a beautiful woman comes into your bedroom unannounced and starts telling you things you want to hear, there’s always a hidden agenda. When Margaery does this, Tommen asks a couple of questions but soon finds himself completely wrapped up in her web. He is young and new to the game but he’s going to need to get more discerning if he wants to be anything more than a pawn on the throne.

WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ stars tattle 
Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster Waldau

Emmy Moves
This episode moved along storylines nicely, answered some questions and introduced some new plot points. However, no cast member was featured prominently enough to make this episode a strong submission. We did learn that this may be the last we see this season of Riggs, a Drama Guest Actress nominee last year. 

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