Golden Globes: ‘This Jennifer Lawrence madness must stop!’

The Golden Globes provided lots of drama and surprises, prompting passionate opinions from the posters in Gold Derby’s forums. Samples below. See more here.
Commenting on the hosts’ opening segment, GoMe91 said, “Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were a success from my family room. That Clooney joke was this year’s James Cameron joke.”
Then when the first award was handed out to last year’s Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, there was backlash from posters such as Asgaroth  who said, “Seriously, this Jennifer Lawrence madness has to stop!!” and Renaton added, “Don’t pretend to be surprised, Jennifer.”
However when Lawrence’s less critically hailed “American Hustle” co-star, Amy Adams, took the lead prize it was met with praise from Delerian who said, “Yay for Amy! It is about damn time that she won a major award” leading 24Emmy to declare “Speech of the night so far goes to . . . Amy Adams.”
On the drama side, when the lead actress trophy was bestowed, GoMe91 said, “And so begins Cate Blanchett’s reign begins!” In the lead actor category, Renaton thought, “McConaughey is giving a much better speech than Leto [who won supporting actor]. Maybe he is the male Sandy of the year?” DominicCobb thought “McConaughey wins because he’s a star, Ejiofor loses because he’s not.”

With Leonardo DiCaprio rounding out the film awards, nkb325 observed, “The film acting winners are a pretty good looking bunch haha”
With “12 Years a Slave” beating “Gravity” in the best picture stakes, Atypical rejoiced with “Woooo, go ’12 Years a Slave’! Should have won more than just the top prize, like Lupita Nyong’o, for starters.” While Laactingnyc laments “F***. good movie but ‘Gravity’ was better.”
With the “Brooklyn 99” comedy sweep Superdeluxe said “Andy Samberg winning an acting award? The world has gone mad.” But GoMe91 disagreed by saying“Thank you, Golden Globes, for actually being interesting this time!”
The Globes also went against type and nodded some overdue contenders like “Breaking Bad” which get JackO proclaiming “YES!! The new hip show is the old hip show!!”  Also winning was message board favourite Amy Poehler who had ThemeParks4Life stating that “I don’t care who else wins tonight, I’m just glad Amy finally won something.”

8 thoughts on “Golden Globes: ‘This Jennifer Lawrence madness must stop!’

  1. Yes Lupita was robbed and I am still floored that she lost… i mean come on! Jlaw just won. ANd let’s not overlook the fact that her performance was inferior to Lupitas. OMG why couldn’t Lupita just have that moment? Praying for her success at the Oscars

  2. Pretty predictable night. The only award that was an upset was “Best original score.” I still think it will be near impossible for Alex Ebert to be even nominated at the oscars.

  3. Pretty predictable night. The only award that was an upset was “Best original score.” I still think it will be near impossible for Alex Ebert to be even nominated at the oscars.

  4. I think Ejiofor deserves the Oscar more than Lupita if we are talking about actors for “12 Years” who lost. I would add Fassbender to the list as well. Lupita was great in the film, but the role wasn’t that big and although she deserves critical acclaim, I’m not surprised she is not winning every award. I am surprised that Leto is taking most of them away from Fassbender though, and Ejiofor will hopefully bring home the Oscar instead.

  5. I was disappointed at both Actress (comedy / musical) and supporting actress wins. Should’ve gone to Meryl and Julia for their remarkable performances which was WAY BETTER than Amy and Jennifer.

  6. I agree, this JLaw madness must STOP. It’s like everyone in hollywood have gathered and become determined to make this girl a ‘thing’. For God’s sake this award should have gone to either Roberts or Lupita.

  7. To be honest this JLaw madness is getting on my nerve,. It’s like the hollyweird and the media is trying to shove her down our throat. And I find her very childish and annoying.

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