Backstage brawls in the Golden Globes press room!

There is a ton of tension at this year’s Globes … and the show hasn’t even started yet. 

Backstage, there are fights over chairs, anger over the absence of tables, confusion over where reporters are supposed to sit. 

This is my first time attending the Golden Globes, so I’m still a young whippersnapper enraptured by all of the Hollywood hubbub. (Go Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!) But some of the regulars aren’t dealing with the set-up very kindly.

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Just moments ago, there was a showdown in the front row about which journalists were supposed to be right in front of the microphone. I couldn’t believe it! The press room is relatively small so there really aren’t any good seats or bad seats — everyone has a great view. Don’t tell that to some of the bigger outlets who demand to be front and center.

Below, a few photos to give some perspective of the Golden Globes press room:

The press room is still empty at 3 p.m. Pacific time, as the show won’t start for another two hours. As you can see, there are no tables for the press to place their laptops, which is causing mild irritation.


The red carpet stage where all of tonight’s winners will be addressing the press.


Only the biggest outlets receive name cards on their chairs. Everyone else must sit behind the third row. It’s not that big of a deal, but some journalists aren’t too happy!


The shiny Golden Globe booklet with details on past winners and this year’s nominees.


There are two large flatscreen televisions in the press room streaming NBC’s live pre-show ceremony. When Fey and Poehler came on screen, many of the journalists expressed their delight in having the funny ladies back hosting again.


The beginning of the red carpet where fans in the bleachers anxiously await the celeb arrivals. Just moments earlier, part of the red carpet was drenched due to an accidental sprinkler!


One of the accountants roamed the Beverly Hilton lobby with a briefcase handcuffed to her wrist. When I asked her if those were tonight’s winning envelopes, she slyly whispered, “Maybe.”

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