Our Golden Globes Film contest champ talks Angelina Jolie snub, Meryl Streep upset

“Though I haven’t heard great things about ‘Unbroken,’ I was a little shocked to see that the HFPA paid no attention to Angelina Jolie. Usually they’re all over her,” admits Gold Derby’s contest champ Michael Swan (mswan in our forums). Swan beat all others while predicting the Golden Globes Film nominations, earning the #1 position on our leaderboard and winning a $100 Amazon gift certificate thanks to his 89% accuracy. See all of Swan’s predictions here.

Also in our chat, this 24-year-old film/television production company receptionist from West Hollywood, CA warns that even though Patricia Arquette (“Boyhood“) is favored to win Best Supporting Actress, “You can never count out Meryl Streep (“Into the Woods“). Especially at the Golden Globes.” Below, read the entire Q&A with our 2014 Golden Globes Film nominations contest winner.

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When predicting the nominees, do you usually go with the flow or go your own way?

I tend to go with the flow for the most part and like to mix in a few gut instincts. The Globes especially have a certain predictability to them that helps the “go with the flow” mentality, but they also have a couple bizarre choices every year, so sometimes you’ve got to have a few picks that are a little out there. This year in my Globe nominations I actually made quite a few last minute changes on a whim that really paid off.

What were the biggest surprise Globes Film nominations?

I think Wes Anderson was definitely the biggest surprise this year, popping up in Best Director for “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” I’m glad he’s getting recognition but would have loved to see it for more of his previous work. Christoph Waltz showing up in Comedy/Musical Actor was also unexpected. And though I should have been expecting it following the SAG nominations, I was still surprised to see Jennifer Aniston‘s name among the Lead Drama Actresses.

What about snubs? Were you in shock over a particular contender that didn’t make the cut with HFPA?

Though it’s no surprise, I was disappointed to see Kristen Wiig and Jenny Slate ignored for Comedy/Musical Actress this year. Also it very much looks like Laura Dern is now completely out of the game this year. And I’m still holding out for a surprise Oscar showing from Marion Cotillard. Also, I think Carrie Coon had an incredible breakout year, and it’s too bad there isn’t any room for her in Best Supporting Actress this year.

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What was your personal favorite drama film and comedy film of the year?

I haven’t seen as much as I would like to yet this year, but so far “Gone Girl” is probably my favorite drama. And without a doubt “Birdman” is my favorite comedy. It’s an incredibly smart, layered, thrilling film that is unmatched by anything else I’ve seen so far this year.

Who are you predicting to win in the major Globes Film categories?

At this point Julianne Moore, “Birdman,” Michael Keaton, and J.K. Simmons feel like locks for Golden Globe wins. I think Emily Blunt is the best bet for Comedy/Musical Actress but could also see Helen Mirren sneaking in there. Best Drama Actor seems like a toss up between Eddie Redmayne and David Oyelowo (with Benedict Cumberbatch right behind them). Right now I think Redmayne has the edge over Oyelowo, unless the late-season swell for “Selma” continues. That swell could also lead to a Best Picture win for “Selma,” but at the moment I’m guessing the trend continues with “Boyhood.” Same goes for Richard Linklater, but Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is still a threat for Best Director as well as Ava DuVernay. The Golden Globes could really be a defining moment for “Selma” this awards season.

What other events do you predict at Gold Derby?

I predict most of the film awards (SAG, Golden Globes, Oscars, etc.), but my absolute favorite event is the Emmys because I have such a deep love for television. The Gold Derby Awards are also a lot of fun to participate in every year.

Thanks Michael!

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4 thoughts on “Our Golden Globes Film contest champ talks Angelina Jolie snub, Meryl Streep upset

  1. Meryl Streep is literally INCREDIBLE in Into The Woods. This woman is simply otherworldly. I haven’t seen a better performance by an actress in a supporting role this year. And I mean best by a mile. She really should sweep the entire awards season. She’s much more deserving than the otherwise brilliant (but maybe a little too understated for The Oscars?) performance of Patricia Arquette in Boyhood.

  2. So sad that Arquette will probably win everything – Streep’s performance in ITW is amazing! If she can surprise anywhere, it’s the GGs. Also, still reeling over the inclusion of Jennifer Aniston over Marion Cotillard. Hopefully, Lady Macbeth will bring her the recognition she deserves.

  3. Mmm . . . Actually myself and a lot of people coming out of screening of Into The Woods here in NY were NOT singing praises for either the film, in general or M Steep. Musical Theatre and film musicals are unique art forms unto themselves. When done brilliantly the piece is embraced by even the non-fans. But when it’s just “good” or done poorly . . . well then you get the reaction ITWs is receiving. Meryl, like many actress, can be great, in the right part. Especially when everything and everyone involved revolves around and supports but doesn’t outshine that part. In a musical the music is the lead or star, not the actor involved. Unless that actor involved has a God given sound and command of the music and lyric they cannot distinguish themselves from the ensemble. Sadly for Meryl, while she can certainly act and she has a functional voice for singing, she is neither an extraordinary singer nor does she have full command of her instrument to elevate the music she performs. That is a shame because the story, the music and lyrics certainly called for an extraordinary singer. Hopefully, the movie industry will continue to document the work of Sondheim and his many collaborators. Next time, hopefully, they’ll use a great actress who is also a great singer.

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