Golden Globes good (Amy Adams, U2), bad (Sean Combs) & ugly (Woody Allen no-show)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, of course. The bar was higher than last year, and they at least achieved the same level of wit and fun. Their opening segment (especially the George Clooney joke) and Poehler playing Fey’s long-lost son “Randy” were the peaks.

Presenter intros by Jim Carrey, Matt Damon, Laura Dern, Robert Downey, Jr., and Emma Thompson.

Winners speeches by Amy Adams, Alfonso Cuaron, Matthew McConaughey (his Oscar audition), Poehler, and Andy Samberg.

Stirring words about Nelson Mandela from U2 while on stage might make them the Oscar frontrunners.

Among those wins that were great, whether expected or not: Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine“), Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad“), Elisabeth Moss (“Top of the Lake“), McConaughey, and Poehler.

Excellent film tribute to Cecil B. DeMille recipient Woody Allen and a terrific acceptance speech on his behalf by Diane Keaton.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing along with all the jokes from the stage.

A very nice touch having the subjects of two of the Drama Picture nominees Niki Lauda (“Rush”) and Philomena Lee (“Philomena”) as presenters.

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12 Years a Slave” wins the Best Drama but was not the “best” at directing, writing, acting or score?

Sean Combs seemed loopy. Ben Affleck was quite sleepy.

I didn’t really care for the wins by Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Wolf of Wall Street“) and Robin Wright (“House of Cards“), especially against their competition.

All awards shows MUST come up with some way to get winners on stage quicker. These are becoming timekillers that most people can’t tolerate any longer. The first person to figure out this problem will be hailed in Hollywood.

The speech by Jacqueline Bisset was so irritating.

And would it kill Woody Allen to show up for a nice tribute where he doesn’t have to suffer through winning or losing?


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