Top 8 Golden Globes highlights: Matthew McConaughey, Amy Poehler, Cate Blanchett …

As usual, the Golden Globes was a fun, casual affair that provided a number of great moments. Here are eight that we loved in particular. See our recap of the entire evening here and the complete winners list here

1. I sometimes use the time spent on the Cecil B. deMille Award to go for a bathroom break, or have a bite to eat. Not this time, as the tribute to Woody Allen was special. Firstly, the beautiful film package showcasing his work was fantastic. Then the lovely speech and serenade by Diane Keaton just sealed the deal for me.


2. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Expectations were high after they blew everybody away last year for their first time as hosts of the show. But they came back swinging this time, and were funny and charming. The joke about George Clooney and how he would rather float off into space and die than spend another second with a woman his own age was one of the best monologue jokes of any awards show. And when they team up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, sitting in the crowd as a double nominee, they strike comedy gold.

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3. “20 years an underdog” said Matthew McConaughey as he emotionally accepted the Best Drama Actor award, in what may me the start of his journey to the Oscar stage in a few weeks. A great moment for an actor that has rejuvenated his career.



4. Cate Blanchett cements herself as a screen legend by winning yet another award for her indelible work in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine.” Her acceptance speech was classy, dignified, funny and irreverent at the same time.


5. Finally, Poehler wins an award for her work on “Parks and Recreation” after all these years. Bounding up to the stage after faux-making out with Bono, Poehler noted on a couple of occasions  during her funny acceptance speech that she has never won anything before. And everybody in the audience appeared to be genuinely happy for her as well.

6. Amy Adams, now THAT was an Oscar audition! Adams, always the bridesmaid at the Globes, SAGs and Oscars after countless nominations, finally wins some hardware for her role in “Amercian Hustle.” She gives a lovely, heartfelt speech in what might be her Oscar audition if she squeaks in to the competitive and seemingly locked-up Best Actress Oscar lineup.

7. Forty-seven years after being nominated for Most Promising Newcomer, and on her fifth nomination, it was so great to see veteran actress Jacqueline Bisset win for a relatively low profile project in Starz’s “Dancing on the Edge.” It took what felt like an eternity for her to get on that stage, but when she paused and took a breath, taking it all in, you could see how much this very belated recognition meant to her. In a genuine moment of unrehearsed joy. “For people who gave me shit, go to hell and don’t come back!” she said defiantly. And when show producers tried to play her off, she didn’t care and kept talking. A perfect Globes moment!

8. “Breaking Bad” had a great night after never really making an impression with Globe voters before (who have been uncharacteristically late to the party on this one). I think it was best said by nominee Aaron Paul himself: “Yeah, bitch! Thankyou!”


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