Grammy predictions: Why Phil Gallo (Billboard) picks Taylor Swift and Lorde

When predicting the top four Grammy Award races, Phil Gallo (Billboard) scatters four nominees.

BEST ALBUM: “Red” (Taylor Swift)
BEST RECORD: “Royals” (Lorde)
BEST SONG: “Just Give Me a Reason” (Pink featuring Nate Ruess)
BEST NEW ARTIST: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

See Gallo’s predix in 23 categories here. See how his predictions stack up, race by race, against those by our other Grammy gurus here. Below, listen to our podcast chat in which he explains his thinking. Here are some outtakes.

BEST ALBUM:  “When I put on my industry thinking cap and say, ‘Which one of these records says a lot about the record industry?  — it makes me think that ‘Red’ by Taylor Swift is your favorite to win the award. It represented a leap for her. She is arguably the biggest star in pop music today. She’s certainly the top female star. She involved a lot of collaborators across the board. She was certainly successful touring. And stylistically she shows a lot of range that worked across the entire album.”

BEST RECORD:  “The lineup is almost what we would expect at the Billboard Music Awards where they’re being honored for commercial success. These are all big, big hits. ‘Get Lucky’ was the feel-good song of the year. ‘Blurred Lines’ was the derivative song of the year. ‘Radioactive’ was the song that was pushed down our throats all year. ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ is the song that we’ve been hearing since last year’s Grammys. You have a lot of songs that have a lot of history and you have one song that’s kind of crept up in more recent time and I almost always, when making predictions, lean toward the record that’s current and what the voters are hearing on the radio. That’s why I’m going with Lorde’s ‘Royals.’ I also think it’s an opportunity to honor someone who is young and fresh. It’s a great song and I think there are a lot of people who like the message of the song.”

BELOW: Listen to our full chat in which Gallo discusses other top categories, too.

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