Can ‘House of Cards’ stop ‘Breaking Bad’ sweep at Emmys?

Don’t worry, President Obama: This article won’t have any “House of Cards” spoilers.

Chances are, someone you know has already binged on the entire second season of “House of Cards” and can’t stop filibustering about its greatness. But is it good enough to outvote the final season of “Breaking Bad” at the Emmys?

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“House of Card’s” new season has a Metacritic score of 80, up from 76 for its premiere season last year. Unfortunately for Kevin Spacey and company, “Breaking Bad’s” score for its final 16 episodes (spread over two summers) was a near-perfect 99.

Even more impressive for “Breaking Bad” is that it received 100 from 21 critics, with only one journalist — Mark A. Perigard (Boston Herald) — giving it a less-than-perfect grade of 67. Perigard’s low score is especially eyebrow-raising considering his rave review (assigned a score of 91) for the much-maligned (and cancelled) “Low Winter Sun.”

While “Breaking Bad” completely engulfed the TV discussion during the final months of 2013, “House of Cards” has all of the buzz right now — at least until “Game of Thronespremieres April 6 on HBO — and that is important. When Emmy voters receive their ballots in a few months, “House of Cards” will still be fresh on their minds while “Breaking Bad” will seem like a thing of the past.

As contributor Tony Ruiz reminds us, “‘Breaking Bad’ just romped easily through the Golden Globes and guild awards… but it would be unprecedented for voters to reach back almost a year to reward a departed series.”

Despite its spectacular reviews, let’s not forget that “Breaking Bad” just got its Emmy due last year with its first win for Best Drama Series. Might TV academy voters be interested in spreading the wealth elsewhere?

“House of Cards” performed well during its first Emmys cycle, winning three of nine nominations: Best Drama Director David Fincher, Best Drama Casting and Best Single-Camera Cinematography.

“House of Cards” will likely be nominated in all of the top categories this year again — Drama Series, Drama Actor Spacey, Drama Actress Robin Wright, Drama Writing and Drama Directing — so it’s a definite frontrunner to steal “Breaking Bad’s” meth-cooked crown.

Other potential Drama Series contenders are “The Blacklist,” “Downton Abbey,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Good Wife,” “Homeland” and “Masters of Sex.” One show to watch out for is Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” which will premiere its new season close to the first phase of Emmy voting (nominations) in order to help its momentum.

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10 thoughts on “Can ‘House of Cards’ stop ‘Breaking Bad’ sweep at Emmys?

  1. I’m sure you Marcus are thinking the same thing as mine. It got not chances at all. It’s impossible for House of Cards to stop the Breaking Bad sweep, in any categories at all, just in Lead Actress. The rest are dominated by Breaking Bad and even has past 6 months since the last season started, it’s the frontrunner in EVERY category. I’m sure that when BB finish the Emmy Sweep, House of Cards will be the frontrunner and also depends on the other shows and its third season. But obviously, not this year.

  2. Keep in mind that House if Cards just came out and won’t be releasing any new episodes. Where will its buzz be 2 months from now? Will people still be excited about it? Will voters even finish it? I’m not sure if voters watched all of Season 1 if they were unwilling to nominate Corey Stoll for Best Supporting Actor.

  3. I agree with Mr. Dixon, Breaking Bad seems like old news. I realize they divided the final season so they could qulaify for two separate Emmy competitions. And since all the major players have won an Emmy (including Best Drama), I do not believe it will be a winner this September. Too many other current series to consider that are fresh and at the forefront.

  4. I just haven’t been into this latest season of House of Cards, so I would say no, they can’t stop Breaking Bad. I stopped House of Cards season 2 after four episodes, but I’ll probably go back at some point. I think I miss Corey Stoll. I’d put my money on Masters of Sex and Orange is the New Black before I would House of Cards. But I do believe Breaking Bad has got it in the bag this year, despite having aired so long ago.

  5. If they forget Breaking Bad, House of Cards looses its momentum, they get category confusion by Orange is the New Black, The Good Wife does not stands to the quality it begun this season with, they keep their despair for Mad Men, if they think Dowtown Abbey went to far and Homeland is still going crazy… I hope they can finally recognize the marvelous that Game of Thrones is and reward it with Best Drama after three exceptional seasons (and I hope the fourth lives up to the hype, which I’m sure it will).

  6. Remember that the first season of Homeland aired on October of 2011 and won, nothing less but 6 Emmys. So the ‘old news’ thing doesn’t matter and If am I right I remember that Mad Men was predicted to win with the reasons as HOC, didn’t win ANYTHING. If HOC is lucky, maybe Lead Actress to Wright but that’s it.

  7. You fail to mention that the Emmys are the only show that submits episodes to compare, so if breaking bad gets nominated, it will win

  8. I think Breaking bad still has good odds. It is a huge part of the zeitgeist now. Netflix will have to do a lot of work to keep the buzz about House of Cards going. Also, many signs point towards emmy voters having not watched the full first season. Many of the nominations came from episode one, and while its an amazing ep, there are some other fantastic ones in there. And one would not be able to salute Corey Stoll’s work without viewing Peter Russo later in the season (which could explain his absence in supporting actor). So while HOC is one of my current favorite shows, I cant see it pulling off an Emmy sweep because of its distribution methods not matching up with the habits of an older academy. It could pull off a few individual wins in acting or writing, but a grand sweep seems difficult until more TV is delivered in this streaming method.

  9. If House Of Cards can keep up the quality, they have next year in the bag. But no… Breaking Bad had a practically flawless run, and a mind blowing final season that definitely lived up to the hype.

    But no. Breaking Bad is still the superior show.

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