Watch: ‘Lots of mistresses’ in ‘Mad Men’ two-minute series recap

“Don has a wife, a house in the suburbs, some kids and lots of mistresses,” begins the AMC narrator who does a bang-up job of squeezing six years of “Mad Men” into only two minutes. (Watch the video recap below.)

The seventh and final season of this Emmy favorite will premiere April 13 on AMC. The first seven episodes air this spring, with the remaining seven delayed till next year. AMC hopes to replicate the success it enjoyed with “Breaking Bad,” which aired its final season over two Emmy eligibility periods, racking up (presumably) twice as many nominations than it would have received otherwise — not to mention record viewership thanks to the build-up of anticipation.

Shockinly, despite winning Best Drama Series four years in a row (2008-2011), “Mad Men” has never won an Emmy for acting. Could the show’s final split season change all that?

“Mad Men”‘s core cast is profiled in the two-minute recap including Emmy also-rans Jon Hamm (6 Emmy acting losses), Elisabeth Moss (5 losses), John Slattery (4 losses), Robert Morse (4 losses), Christina Hendricks (4 losses), January Jones (1 loss), Jared Harris (1 loss) and Vincent Kartheiser (0 nominations).

My personal favorite moment from the series — the bloody lawnmower scene — is depicted in the video recap. There’s also a fleeting glimpse of Jessica Pare‘s career-high rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou.”

What were your favorite “Mad Men” moments from the first six seasons?

Watch the video recap below, then cast your vote for Best Drama Series using our easy drag-and-drop menu .

One thought on “Watch: ‘Lots of mistresses’ in ‘Mad Men’ two-minute series recap

  1. AMC is making a big mistake with this split season. Get the show over with. The reason why this strategy worked for “Breaking Bad” was because the show was on an upswing in terms of awards and popularity. “Mad Men” has probably won all the awards it’s going to win and is already as popular as it’s ever going to be. I LOVE “Mad Men” but I know when it’s time to let a show go. AMC needed to have done the same.

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