Is Matt Bomer (‘Normal Heart’) too sexy to win that Emmy?

As we predicted, heartthrob Matt Bomer just received his first career Emmy nomination for “The Normal Heart” in the Movie/Mini Supporting Actor category. But that was the easy part.

The hard part for Bomer will be to convince the straight, middle-aged members of the TV academy that he deserves to win. See, Bomer faces an uphill climb at the Emmys because he possesses three qualities — he’s sexy, he’s successful and he’s rich — that could make Emmy voters jealous and want to scream, “Bomer already has everything going for him, but he can’t have this trophy!”

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It’s no secret that the Emmys have a bias against rewarding good-looking Hollywood actors with trophies. In fact, hunky guys get snubbed so often that we even created a photo gallery of all the notable examples (see below).

But not so fast. If voters actually watch Bomer’s performance in “The Normal Heart,” they’ll see that he was made to look weak, sick and ugly as his character contracted AIDS. In other words, the Matt Bomer in the HBO telefilm isn’t the same Matt Bomer people are used to seeing on magazine covers and in the movies. That could work in his favor.

Does all of this sound familiar? Yep, the exact same thing happened at the Oscars this year when chiseled star Matthew McConaughey uglified his look in “Dallas Buyers Club” after his character got AIDS. And he won.

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Last month Bomer received the Critics’ Choice TV Award for this role, so he’s the far-away frontrunner to take home the Emmy as well. The other five nominees in the Movie/Mini Supporting Actor race that hope to take him down are: Colin Hanks (“Fargo“), Martin Freeman (“Sherlock: His Last Vow“), Jim Parsons (“The Normal Heart”), Joe Mantello (“The Normal Heart”) and Alfred Molina (“The Normal Heart).

Do you think Bomer is too sexy to win an Emmy? Sound off in the comments section at the bottom of this post and be sure to let loose in our world-famous Emmys forum.

Below is Gold Derby’s photo gallery of handsome TV stars like Jon Hamm (“Mad Men“) and George Clooney (“ER”) who never won trophies for their popular roles thanks to Emmy’s Slap the Stud syndrome.


9 thoughts on “Is Matt Bomer (‘Normal Heart’) too sexy to win that Emmy?

  1. Sexy? Yes. Handsome? Yes. Rich? Who knows? What we do know is that he’s an actor who goes the distance, then an extra mile, to bring the charactors he plays to life. He makes us believe it, and he makes us care. That should be what makes him the winner, although he’s always a winner as far as I’m concerned.

  2. It’d be a travesty if Matt doesn’t win the Emmy. His dedication to the role of Felix Turner is to be applauded and should be rewarded.

  3. Yes his external beauty is unsurpassed but that should have nothing to do with whether or not he WINS this Emmy. His portrayal of Felix showcased what a phenomenal ACTOR he is. PERIOD.

  4. He is definitely the most beautiful man on the planet – inside as well as out. I seriously enjoy watching him in everything he does. (I’m a 70 yr. old widow) That being said, he is also a very talented actor which he finally had the opportunity to show in TNH. He should be rewarded for the work, not punished or snubbed for his looks or success. The competition in that category is stiff, but he earned it and I am pulling for him all the way.

  5. Forget how handsome Matt Bomer is. He is an incredible actor – people need to see The Normal Heart and lwhat he brought to the part of Felix Turner. He has my complete respect and admiration as a person and an actor. There is not a pretentious bone in this man’s body. He is kind, loving and giving. I am a 64 year old woman who loves and admires this man. Way to go, Matt Bomer. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

  6. Are you kidding with this post? Of course he’s not too sexy to win. And his sexiness (which is off the charts) wont matter because he gives an astounding performance. He is a fantastic actor and he will win because of his tremendous performance.

  7. This is actually an incredibly insulting article – it insults Matt Bomer *and* the Emmy voters. The Emmy is about talent, and I would certainly expect that the voters understand that. Anyone who can’t see the talent and dedication Matt brought to the role of Felix Turner just simply isn’t looking… at all.

  8. Of course, no one is too sexy to win an Emmy or anything for that matter. Great acting is about great acting. Matt is in a totally different league than the list of “too sexy for Emmy” actors you have there. And it’s not because he “uglified” himself but because he gets into the skin of the character only a few can. Even in a light hearted fare such as White Collar there are times when he has given Emmy/Oscar worthy scenes. I haven’t a doubt he’ll win the Emmy.

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