Watch: Megan Boone dishes jaw-dropping season finale of ‘The Blacklist’

Last night’s season finale of “The Blacklist” delivered a series of shockers: the villainous Berlin being unmasked, Meera’s throat getting slit, Lizzie shooting her spy husband and the mystery surrounding her father being blown wide-open.

As Megan Boone, who plays FBI special agent Lizzie Keen, revealed during our recent webcam chat: “It is a risk that’s hard to take in network TV … next season because of the finale we are going to need to find … a new season long mystery that you have to get to the bottom of.” 

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Of her character’s decision to shoot her husband, she reflects: “I’ll never play a scene where I’m playing kissy face with Tom again. My character will never be the same again.” But she says, “I was excited to see it … change is an exciting thing… The serialised story has had to make many twists and turns… My reaction when I read it was sheer joy and relief.”

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The most compelling part of season one has been her character’s relationship with fugitive/informant Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader). New to the force, Keen is propelled into the center of the action as she is the only agent with whom Reddington is willing to work  to take down his ‘blacklist’ of terrorists and criminals. While he spent most of the season looking out for her, he recently revealed that he had killed her adoptive father.

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For Boone, “they are both kind of linked, for better or worse and I think when we leave season one it’s for worse. He’s someone she can’t trust but he seems to have a deep undying love for her that she can’t justify or understand. That’s where we leave them in season one.”

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As to their relationship moving forward, she says, “I think it’s a love story … because she is so alone and so ambiguous as a human being there’s something in the audience that wants her to find a place and find a person that she can rely on. So I think the payoff, and the only payoff you could see is that she ends up finding that person.” To that end, Reddington is “a really positive thing because even the pain he’s put her through opens her eyes to the truth .. what Red represents in her life is  the ultimate challenge and on the other side of each little challenge in the Reddington obstacle course is a new gift, a new answer and revelation for Lizzie.”

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“The Blacklist” was teh most successful new network drama of the past season. Will this translate into an Emmy nomination for Megan Boone? After watching the webcam chat below make your Drama Actress predictions using our easy drag-and-drop menu.  

One thought on “Watch: Megan Boone dishes jaw-dropping season finale of ‘The Blacklist’

  1. Megan is such a terrible actress and is ruining the show. She can’t emote, having only 2 expressions total, is cold and the mass of the Blacklist fans would prefer if she was replaced by an actress that can well…act.

    She got the part because she’s a well connected granddaughter of the billionaire, H. Gary Morse. She only had really minor roles before The Blacklist, which all amounted to nothing really, as her talent is so limited. She’s essentially just another Paris Hilton, a talentless soul who used her wealth and influence to weasel her way onto our tv screens.

    And since The Blacklist’s success, her true colors as an arrogant, entitled brat are shining through, which you can clearly see in her in this chat. Just read this interview that she did for TV Line, where she basically compliments her performance and casts James Spader as a supporting actor:

    You can see this arrogance throughout all her interviews, particularly in the first one she did for EW, where she claims that “Making film and TV is the most chaotic art form that exists.” Then goes on to describe her basically short stints in fluff shows/movies, as if she views herself as an Oscar award winning actress:

    She seriously needs to start reading the reviews on almost any chat board for The Blacklist, that very few of the people tuning in actually care if she is even on the show, as she does not have the talent to earn this role without help from her family connections.

    If you need any more proof of how lifeless and dull she is, check out this Q&A she did. Just goes to show that nepotism gets you everywhere in this world!

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