Is Mia Farrow bitter that she never won awards for work with Woody Allen?

Mia Farrow started a war of words with Woody Allen while watching the tribute to him at this year’s Golden Globes. That she chose this particular moment to raise two-decade-old issues was even more confusing as she had consented to the inclusion in the montage of a clip from her appearance in his 1985 comedy “The Purple Rose of Cairo.” 

Was Farrow reminded that she had lost at the Golden Globes for that film, as well as for two others she made with Allen, while a slew of women — including Diane Keaton who accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award on his behalf — had won Globes (and Oscars) under his direction?

Indeed, Cate Blanchett — who is the overwhelming favorite to win Best Actress at the Oscars — won the Golden Globe on the drama side this year for her work in Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” and in her acceptance speech made note of his ability to write for women. 

Allen certainly resurrected Farrow’s once promising career after it had faltered in the 1970s by casting her in his 1982 hit “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy.” “The Purple Rose of Cairo” marked their fourth film together in as many years and earned Farrow a Golden Globe nomination for Best Comedy/Musical Actress; she lost to Kathleen Turner (“Prizzi’s Honor”).

She had been bested by Turner at the previous year’s Globes as well when nominated for another Allen laffer, “Broadway Danny Rose.” Turner won that race with “Romancing the Stone.” Farrow went on to contend in this category again in 1990 for the Allen film “Alice.” She lost that time to Julia Roberts (“Pretty Woman”) but did win the National Board of Review award for Best Actress. 

None of these Golden Globe nominations translated into Oscar bids for Farrow. Turner too was snubbed by the academy while Roberts did reap her first Best Actress nomination. 

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Though Farrow has never been nominated for an Oscar, she has lost all seven of her Golden Globe races. These defeats are even more damning given that she was feted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. as one of the New Stars of the Year in 1964, sharing the Actress award with former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley and ingenue Celia Kaye. While she was cited for her film debut in “Guns of Batasi,” Farrow was also the breakout star on TV’s version of “Peyton Place.” Indeed, she contended for TV Actress the following year but lost to Anne Francis (“Honey West”).

In 1968, Farrow was back at the Globes, competing as Best Actress (Drama) for her starring role in  the smash hit “Rosemary’s Baby.” She lost to Joanne Woodward (“Rachel, Rachel”) who went on to contend at the Oscars, as did Globe nominees Katharine Hepburn (“The Lion in Winter”) and Vanessa Redgrave (“Isadora”). However, Farrow was snubbed by the academy. Hepburn tied for the Oscar with Globe Comedy/Musical Actress champ Barbra Streisand (“Funny Girl”); the fifth Oscar nominee was Patricia Neal for her comeback appearance after a stroke in “The Subject Was Roses.” 

That Farrow did not reap an Oscar bid was made even more glaring by all the attention heaped on co-star Ruth Gordon. That Hollywood veteran won both the Globe and the Oscar for her scene-stealing performance as the nefarious neighbor in “Rosemary’s Baby.” 

Farrow was back in contention at the Globes the following year for “John and Mary” but lost the Comedy/Musical Actress prize to Patty Duke (“Me, Natalie”). She made no films of note in the 1970s  with her misfires including “The Great Gatsby” (1974), “Avalanche” (1978) and “Hurricane” (1979). 

Then came her storied partnership with Allen. In 1986, he showcased her in “Hannah and Her Sisters” but it was featured players Dianne Wiest and Michael Caine who won Oscars as did Allen for his original script. He also reaped a bid for Best Director — he won that prize in 1977 for Best Picture champ “Annie Hall” — while the film was also nominated as were the Art Direction and Editing. However, Farrow was snubbed in the Best Actress race. 

In 1992, Farrow and Allen finished their final film together — “Husbands and Wives” — as their relationship imploded. While Allen reaped yet another Original Screenplay bid, it was Farrow’s co-star Judy Davis who earned the only acting nomination; she lost to Marisa Tomei (“My Cousin Vinny”). 

Prior to working with Farrow, Allen had won one of his three Original Screenplay Oscar races (“Annie Hall,” 1977). He won one of his seven bids for their collaborations (“Hannah and Her Sisters,” 1986). And, after the end of their relationship, he remained an Oscar magnet, winning one more (“Midnight in Paris,” 2011) of his five screenplay nominations. He extended his Oscar record in that race to 16 this year with a nomination for “Blue Jasmine.” 

Blanchett is likely to be the second woman to win Best Actress at the Oscars for one of his movies. Allen’s then-partner Keaton won in 1977 for her work in “Annie Hall” after having taken home the Comedy/Musical Actress Globe. Weist won the Supporting Actress Oscar again in 1994 for Allen’s “Bullets over Broadway” after having won the Globe as well and Mira Sorvino pulled off this double play the following year for Allen’s “Mighty Aphrodite.” And in 2009, Penelope Cruz won an Oscar for her featured role in Allen’s “Vicky Christina Barcelona.” 

Five other women earned Oscar nominations under Allen’s direction: Geraldine Page and Maureen Stapleton (“Interiors,” 1978); Mariel Hemingway (“Manhattan,” 1979); Jennifer Tilly (“Bullets over Broadway,” 1994); and Samantha Morton (“Sweet and Lowdown,” 1999). 

Farrow has only contended for one major award since splitting with Allen — she lost the 1999 Globe race for TV Movie/Mini Actress for “Forget Me Never” to Halle Berry (“Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”). Add that to those six losses detailed above and she has had an unlucky seven Golden Globe nominations in all. 

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30 thoughts on “Is Mia Farrow bitter that she never won awards for work with Woody Allen?

  1. If this is true, she should be pissed also at Andre Previn,Frank Sinatra and every other person on the planet for not being nominated for an Oscar or any other award.

  2. NO GOD DAMMIT!!! Mia Farrow is not pissed that she never won any freaking Globe or Oscar (I personally think she’s worthy of quite a few nominations for her great work), she’s pissed at Woody Allen for reasons we all very well know. STOP pursuing this story Goldderby, please! Don’t cater to your tabloid-istic impulses. Every article you write increases the chance that Cate Blanchett will be hurt by this, and you KNOW in your hearts and minds that AMPAS should NOT take this into consideration. What matters is the quality of the performance, and Blanchett’s performance in Blue Jasmine was probably the most acclaimed in years. She’s the best in the category. Stop this, please Goldderby. I love this place, i love predicting the oscars with you. Don’t destroy this great website.

  3. This is an absolutely DISGUSTING article stating that a woman would ruin a man’s reputation (well, further) because…she didn’t win awards? Even if we go with the line of thinking that she is bitter at Woody Allen she has a HELL of a lot more substantial things to be bitter about than this.

    Not surprisingly a (idiotic) man wrote this article. Only men automatically think women are upset over the most irrational things. Horrid article.

  4. I’ve be reading Gold Derby for a long time now, and boy, do I expect better out of the editors. How an article like this made it to publication is beyond me. As Pretty in White said, it’s absolutely disgusting to imply that Mia Farrow — or anyone for that matter — would be thinking about a damn Golden Globe as accusations of sexual abuse fly around. Utterly tasteless. It’s not for any of us to say if Farrow is lying or not. While I tend to believe the accusations, I think it’s shameful to try and tie together awards prognostication with something as serious as sexual abuse. Really just an offensive mess.

    And for the record, I think Cate Blanchett will (and deserves to) win the Oscar.

  5. This article is both sexist and disgusting. The only reason Mia would be upset if not because of the accusations of sexual abuse, but because she never won an award! Utterly tasteless.

  6. I beg for these articles to stop! They are sickening and not to mention poorly written. How Gold Derby dare to trivialise the abuse accusations regarding the sexual assault of a minor and bring them into a discussion about awards season. How crass, disgusting and completely dumb.

  7. I agree with the prevailing sentiment on here. My eyes widened in disbelief when I read the totally distasteful headline. The fact that this article was written is unfathomable and absolutely appalling. Someone really should take this down.

  8. Gross. So Mia coached her 7-year-old to lie about molestation because she never won awards for her work with Woody? Come on Gold Derby, you’re better than this. Aren’t you?

  9. I know this week is a slow news week with no major award shows but dont worry the baftas are coming up. For now, please stop writing distasteful articles. Tom O’Neil please dont aloow your writers to hurt your site like this.

  10. Please discontinue these distasteful articles, GD. Regarding both Blanchett’s chances in relation to that distasteful mention, or Mia or the controversy itself. Not a good look, and not conducive to a relatively healthy awards season.

  11. This is a disgusting article. Disgusting. I will never read this site again unless Tom O’Neil has this taken down and issues a personal apology for allowing this trash to be posted on his website.

  12. I completely agree with the premise of this article–and have thought the exact same thing. Numerous women have won Oscars under Woody ‘s direction and Mia has never even been nominated. I think the Golden Globe tribute filled this unbalanced woman with rage even more–but Cate’s upcoming win REALLY must irk her to death.

  13. The Vanity Fair article appeared weeks after Blue Jasmine opened. Maybe there is something about that movie that Mia did not like. Perhaps Mia and Jasmine have things in common…

  14. I do think this is a Cate Blanchett thing with Mia Farrow. If Mia wanted to do damage to Woody where was she a couple years ago when “Midnight in Paris” was slated to win screenplay? This is either a personal thing with Blanchett, or the character of Jasmine hit a few nerves.

  15. What a weird discussion to have. What a weird thing to even think. This article is extremely sexist, gossipy, speculative, and horrifying. I’m shocked to see it up here. Let’s not pretend we know what’s going on in the minds and motives of others, because we never will. People are much more complicated than this.

  16. Mia gave several performances worthy of Oscar Nominations and was always snubbed before she started working with Woody Allen. The trend of snubs continued during the Woody years, be Mia didn’t campaign and stayed in New York. Had she actually given interviews and campaigned and attended screenings she could have easily been nominated for The Purple Rose of Cairo, Broadway Danny Rose, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Alice.

  17. I think this piece, or at least its title, is a bit out of tone. Considering the nature of the allegations, and the war of words between parties, it is not elegant to prive into personal affairs, or at least take a shot at them with viper titles. It simply is an issue that in itself is too serious to be taken lightly. That said, once again Cate Blanchett has shown that on screen (for Blue Jasmine) and off it (her answer at the Santa Barbara Tribute), she deserves the oscar.

  18. This article is disgusting. Mia Farrow believes that Woody Allen molested her daughter. In addition, he began a sexual relationship with another one of her daughters while he was still romantically involved with Mia and left sexually explicit photos of her daughter visible in his apartment for her to find. It’s extremely unlikely she cares about not receiving Oscar nominations (let alone Golden Globes) for her work in his films. She believes he’s a sexual predator and is angry Hollywood continues to award him with honors.

  19. It is always odd to see Mia Farrow painted as a saint. She herself was 21 when she married the 50 year old Sinatra. (perhaps she modeled the worship of older men to Soon-Yi?) She also became pregnant with Andre Previn’s child while he was still married to the singer Dory Previn. Dory Previn ended up in a mental institution and received shock treatments due to her grief over the betrayal. She later wrote a hit song about Farrow entitled “Beware of Young Girls”

  20. From Jim Jerome’s profile of Woody Allen in the October 4, 1976 People Magazine issue:
    He goes on: “I’m open-minded about sex. I’m not above reproach; if anything, I’m below reproach. I mean, if I was caught in a love nest with 15 12-year-old girls tomorrow, people would think, yeah, I always knew that about him.” Allen pauses. “Nothing I could come up with would surprise anyone,” he ventures helplessly. “I admit to it all.”

    Then years later his daughter comes out saying she was sexually abused by her father. But it’s all about her lying and Mia Farrow being bitter that she never won awards for work with him. Sure.
    I’m aware that this blog is all about the award season, but showing a bit of empathy and respect for people, either you believe them or not (especially those who come foward saying they’ve been sexually abused by their own father) wouldn’t lose you any viewers, don’t worry.

  21. If the Farrows want to continue their vindictive war, they better be prepare to take their lumps. Mia Farrow’s behavior has always been irrational and suspect. The highlight of her career was the movies she made with Woody Allen.

  22. Mia Farrow is the only person ever to be Razzie nominated in a Woody Allen film – A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy for Worst Actress

  23. I think this article may be right on the money. Why else would Dylan have called out actors that had nothing to do at all with what happened in the Farrow household 20 years ago. I have always thought Farrow lied about the molestation allegation and even more so when Dylan called out other actors in her letter. That was inappropriate as hell to me and I figured Dylan conferred with her Mother before she released the letter. The aim was to shame anyone who even associates professionally with Allen and Farrow (Mia) has to be sick about Blanchett starring in Allen’s movies. Just my take on it.

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