Oscars bitch fight: Michael Musto and Tom O’Neil battle over Jennifer Lawrence

“Oh, come on!” I roar at Michael Musto (Out, Gawker) in our podcast as we battle over who’s ahead to win Best Supporting Actress. He’s picking Lupita Nyongo (“12 Years a Slave”). I say Jennifer Lawrence (“American Hustle”).

“You’re not only wrong, but you’ve got Jennifer Lawrence in fourth place behind June Squibb,” I chide him. “Shame on you!”

“She’s not winning two years in a  row, I’m sorry,” Musto replies, tut-tutting my predix. “She could win if it was her first and they were anointing the new Goldie Hawn. I’m predicting a ‘12 Years a Slave‘ sweep and Lupita is my choice, I’m sorry. Call me crazy. There’s a little more gravitas than Jennifer Lawrence singing ‘Live and Let Die’ and planting a kiss on Amy Adams to show her power over her.”

That’s just one outtake of our smackdown. Listen to more and make your own predictions below. See Musto’s predictions here. See mine here.



7 thoughts on “Oscars bitch fight: Michael Musto and Tom O’Neil battle over Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Lawrence had the best supporting turn this year among actresses. She won’t win because she just won and 12YAS is deemed the year’s important movie. But Nyongo wasn’t even the best supporting actress in 12YAS. She is playing a very sympathetic character, but her performance was one-note, unnuanced and showed little emotional range or depth. Lawrence just plays a much more complicated character, a character you should hate, and somehow makes her relatable. Lawrence will be robbed this year, but it’s easy when she just won best actress.

  2. Atrodog… I completely DISAGREE with you. Lupita’s performance was heartbreaking and powerful. She delivered her lines effortlessly and was overall convincing. And I laughed at your statement “showed little emotional range or depth.” Did you miss the entire whipping scene at the end of the movie? Now JLaw, I think shes a good actress, but she completely overacted in AH (which is a highly overrated movie by the way.) Some of her scenes were good but she just went overboard. For example, the microwave scene… I just wasn’t a fan. We just have to agree to disagree… lets watch oscar night.

  3. @Kev-Not bashing Nyongo. But you kind of made the point for me. Her character was heartbreaking because she was treated in a heartbreaking way. Her character was raped, abused and then whipped to a bloody pulp. Exactly how much acting did she need to do there to garner sympathy? I thought the character who was separated from her family earlier in the film was rendered in just as heartbreaking a manner. I think honestly that a score of actresses could have done that. It would have been absolutely impossible not to be sympathetic or to convey anguish given how badly that character in the film is brutalized. But very range or depth was shown imho. I think frankly that people are confusing how horribly the character was treated in the story and the sympathy this creates with an Oscar worthy performance.
    That said, I would be surprised if Lawrence won again immediately.

  4. Lawrence just plays herself in the AH. She talks like J Law, she scts like J Law in the real life. Plus she is absolutely underage for this movie. You could hardly beliebe she’s got a kid, you just see young actress J Law who plays a role of the woman. I CAN NOT get why there is this Oscar buzz with her role of Rosaline. Even though I love her an actress, she was brilliant in both Vinter’s bone and HG. But this role in AH is far from her best ones. If she won the Oscar this year, I would think that Academy’s blindly in love with her.

  5. @Alina-And she also allegedly just played herself in Winter’s Bone, which is the complete opposite of AH. Maybe part of her talent is that she doesn’t seem like she is acting in highly varied roles.

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