Oscar predictions: Sasha Stone & Tom O’Neil – Is ‘Boyhood’ unbeatable?

Now that “Boyhood” has swept triumphantly through the early film-critics awards, it looks unstoppable while heading toward the Oscars. But is it?

Nothing is official until Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and I say so, of course, since we are the Eve and Adam of Oscar punditry on line.

Tune in to our podcast chat in which we discuss the most formidable alternatives to “Boyhood,” including “Selma,” “The Imitation Game” and “The Theory of Everything.” We also dish the other top races, too.

See Sasha’s predictions here. Mine here. See how our picks compare to other Experts here. When all of our forecasts are combined, they generate these rankings and racetrack odds. You can compete against our Experts and win $1,000 by adding your predictions here.

BELOW: Listen to Sasha and my podcast chat. Also tune in to my discussion with Scott Feinberg and my predix bitch fight with Michael Musto. Do a search for “Gold Derby” at iTunes store or check out our channel at Libsyn to subscribe to our podcast series.

3 thoughts on “Oscar predictions: Sasha Stone & Tom O’Neil – Is ‘Boyhood’ unbeatable?

  1. Haven’t listened yet (but I love every single Oscar slugfest podcast that comes out so much I hang for the next one) but it seems this race is over. Aside from Keaton, none of the top awards can be touched, with more than 70 days to go…how depressing. I am usually excited at this time of year but it’s all over already 😞

  2. Birdman will win Picture, Director, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Screenplay, Cinematography, and Editing at the very least.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Academy will throw Boyhood the supporting actress oscar.

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