‘Mr. Hublot’ Animated Short win means Mickey Mouse still without Oscar

Walt Disney may have won a record 22 Oscars but none of them was for his most famous creation, Mickey Mouse. This year, it was widely expected that the retro “Get a Horse” — which mixed retro drawings of Mickey and his pals with 3-D technology — would win Best Animated Short. 

However, “Mr. Hublot,” by first-time nominees Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares, pulled off an upset. Their film centers on an obsessive compulsive man who lives an isolated life until his life and organization abilities are turned upside down with the arrival of a rescued dog.

Mickey’s eight losses in this race began with the inaugural one in 1932 when “Mickey’s Orphans” was bested by another Disney toon, “Flowers and Trees.” His unlucky seven other bids were: Building a Building” (1933), “Brave Little Tailor” (1938), “The Pointer” (1939), “Squatter’s Rights” (1946), “Mickey and the Seal” (1948), “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” (1983) and “Runaway Brain” (1995). Mickey did appear in the Oscar-winning “Lend a Paw” in 1941, but that toon was centered on his dog, Pluto.

Below, take a look at the making of Mr. Hublot.

3 thoughts on “‘Mr. Hublot’ Animated Short win means Mickey Mouse still without Oscar

  1. Mickey Mouse got an honorary Oscar back in the 1930’s(Okay Walt Disney did for creating him).That is as close Mickey is going to get an Oscar.

  2. Technically, if you’re going to count Squatter’s Rights as one of his losses, you might as well include Lend a Paw. His picture was at the beginning of the film, yet he played a supporting role in both of the films, with Pluto and the chipmunks that would become Chip and Dale the focus in Squatter’s Rights.

  3. It’s not fair! Get A Horse should of won! Those Oscar voters are nothing but a bunch of anti-mickey mouse jerks. I just hope a future Mickey Mouse short wins an Oscar.

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