Will Netflix be first network in 12 years to win BOTH Comedy & Drama Series Emmys?

It’s been 12 years since NBC claimed double victories on Emmy night for both Best Drama Series and Best Comedy Series, but this year Netflix has the potential to replicate that magic.

Back in 2002, the peacock network bathed in the glow of “The West Wing” winning its third consecutive trophy for Best Drama Series while “Friends” finally prevailed as Best Comedy Series for its eighth season.

In the dozen years since, the various television networks have split the top trophies amongst themselves. NBC has won once more on the drama side (“The West Wing” in 2003) and four additional times for its comedies (three for “30 Rock“; one for “The Office“).

What are the chances that Netflix can pull off this double play this year? 

The streaming service has a great shot to win Best Drama Series with the second season of “House of Cards.” The slick political thriller has 4/1 odds of winning the Emmy, putting it in second place behind reigning champ “Breaking Bad” with 15/8 odds.

That “House of Cards” just aired in February should help its case against old-news “Breaking Bad,” which aired its final episodes way back last summer.

And “Breaking Bad” also doesn’t have the overdue factor going for it this year, which helped push it to victory at last year’s Emmys.

The other potential drama contenders to watch out for are “Game of Thrones” (15/2 odds), “Mad Men” (10/1 odds), “Downton Abbey” (14/1 odds), “The Good Wife” (16/1 odds) and “Homeland” (25/1 odds).

As for Best Comedy Series, Netflix has an unconventional dramedy in the mix that feels fresh, raw and different than anything else in the competition: “Orange is the New Black.” The prison series is currently in seventh place to reap a nomination with 25/1 odds, but its placement will likely increase as we get closer to the June 6 premiere date for Season Two.

Netflix flip-flopped on the show’s genre placement over the past few months, calling it a comedy at the Writers Guild Awards, then a drama at the Golden Globes, and settling once again on comedy for the upcoming Emmys. Could category confusion hurt its chances?

The current top six comedy contenders standing in its way are “Modern Family” (2/1 odds), “Veep” (5/1 odds), “The Big Bang Theory” (11/2 odds), “Louie” (9/1 odds), “Girls” (12/1 odds) and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (14/1 odds).

Do you think Netflix can score double kudos with “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”? To influence our odds, simply log in to your predictions, click on the Emmy Awards Nominations button and start making your predictions for all of the major categories. (You can also vote for Best Comedy Series below using our easy drag-and-drop menu.)

6 thoughts on “Will Netflix be first network in 12 years to win BOTH Comedy & Drama Series Emmys?

  1. I’m going to guess no to both. For all the arguments that Breaking Bad ended too early to matter, I’m not sure if House of Cards is really going to have enough momentum to topple the incumbent this August. It doesn’t have enough critical acclaim and it hasn’t really made an impact at any of the guild awards outside of Robin Wright’s GG win.

    While it’s the wrong place to honor it, I’d enjoy a show like Orange winning the Comedy Prize. Still, one has to wonder if it has enough going for it to take down Modern Family.

  2. In my opinion, House of Cards can and will win Best Drama. The buzz has died down on Breaking Bad, and the strategic ploy of dividing the final season in two in order to qualify for two Emmy seasons will backfire. We still have Game of Thrones and a spectacular season of The Good Wife unfolding that pushes Breaking Bad further down the list.

  3. @Echo I feel like the buzz on House of Cards has died down in the span of a month, though. Not only that, but if True Detective really is going in Drama as Deadline suggests, then House of Cards really doesn’t have much of a chance.

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